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Mac OS X Compatible Keyboard Production Stations
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Benedict Johnson    Said...

If you're used to playing a laptop rig live, I guess this all-in-one device would be quicker to set up on stage.

Other benefits?

10-Nov-11 07:52 AM

MPS    Said...

You would not look like you are sitting at a laptop playing back a canned show?

This seems like a pretty good idea, but it sure is expensive.

10-Nov-11 10:30 AM

Mattsynth    Said...

Very nice job in grouping all this hardware into one unit but this has been done twice before without success. The problem is the ever changing world of electronics. This workstation rig will be obsolete within 3 years. I still say you are better off with seperate componets so you can upgrade pieces one at of time. This would make a very cool stand alone sampler that would free up my studio computer. I will have to call this company to see if they could make up something for me.

11-Nov-11 08:22 AM

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