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Sinevibes Drops Prices
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Mattsynth    Said...

I purchased some sounds for my Fantom G6 from Sinevibes and they were not that great. Nothing to write home about.

04-Nov-11 07:57 AM

Artemiy    Said...

Mattsynth, which sound libraries are you talking about in particular? I would disagree that Sinevibes sounds are not good, especially since they also did part of the Fantom-G factory presets. Maybe they just didn't meet your music taste, the styles you work with?

04-Nov-11 09:59 AM

Mattsynth    Said...

I purchased the entire grouping. I felt that they lacked fullness and sounded thin like most of the factory patches. That would explain why the factory patches are so weak. The Fantom G is capable of huge full textured sounds and these did not cut it if you ask me. Sorry, just my opinion.

04-Nov-11 10:22 AM

Artemiy    Said...

Well Sinevibes did sound design for many companies, including NI and Spectrasonics, and always received praise from their chiefs. So I will not agree with you on their Fantom-G sounds, they have fine details, originality and good balance. But opinion is an opinion, you have your own and that's fine :-)

04-Nov-11 11:21 AM

Mattsynth    Said...

I will try using them again.

06-Nov-11 08:56 AM

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