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AESNY11: Moog Debuts The Ladder
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Mattsynth    Said...

Now that is something to get worked up about. The start of a new Mood modular is great new from Moog. I can see it will be pretty pricy but so was the original Modular. This is exciting news.

21-Oct-11 12:43 PM

Robin    Said...

is it Eurorack? What kind of case will this fit into?

21-Oct-11 01:23 PM

dalas v    Said...

21-Oct-11 04:16 PM

RedWalks    Said... it logical to build a modular synth without having cv and gate jacks on the frontplate ???

21-Oct-11 05:06 PM

robgs    Said...

looks like this is more for audio processing than a synthesizing, would be nice if they made modules for euroracks though

21-Oct-11 06:33 PM

shaft9000    Said...

guys...this NOT a Moog Modular module. It's a 500-series rack module. Nobody is going to synthesize diddly with this, and it would be redundant for Moog to enter the 5U modular market as there are already better filters available for less money, believe it or not. It's for mix-engineers that want a ladder filter in their rack, that's it. Now - how this is worth $500 more than the MF-101 is the big mystery here. A cut-down EG and pretty backlit faceplate is hardly worth the extra $500, imho. But we'll just have to wait and see(hear).

21-Oct-11 06:41 PM

Atomic Shadow    Said...

What ever shaft90000 this is a Moog modular module all the way!nice try newb!

22-Oct-11 06:06 PM

Mattsynth    Said...

You have to be kidding. This is not the start of a new modular synth but a module for a modular effects rack. Sometimes I wonder what Moog is thinking. I am no longer excited, I am disapointed.

23-Oct-11 07:59 PM

Colin    Said...

I played with this in New York at AES. It sounds great (as you would expect), is fun to use and is fairly flexible. It is priced appropriately for a 500-series module (it isn't a guitar pedal and it's made for a smaller market). I can understand why they cut some features out since there just isn't that much space on the front panel (it's pretty cramped as it is), and it has all the necessary features for its intended use.

Talking to the rep at the convention. This is just something they are trying to test the waters out. Moog hasn't really done gear for mix engineers so this is a new market for them. If it works out he said they might release more modules.

It is NOT for synthesists or music makers. This is for mix engineers to do some funkier things than just EQ and compression. It seems like a great addition to the 500-series catalog and if I used a 500-series system I would definitely pick one up. Poo-poo it all you want, all the engineers I saw at AES were really excited about this one.

(Also as far as I could tell the panel is not backlit, though it is very attractive in person.)

23-Oct-11 10:09 PM

The Guvnor    Said...

I wonder why Moog is making effects rack equipment when clearly the prospect of 'new' modular synth modules after all these years creates such a HUGE buzz in the synth community.

If they came out with a new module every couple of months(even limited editions) a lot of people would be scrambling over them.

23-Oct-11 10:23 PM

Mattsynth    Said...

I agree with you Guvner, what is Moog thinking.

24-Oct-11 08:05 AM

Synth_Fan    Said...

@Guvnor - I suspect their Moogerfrooger sales and sales-base points to far greater quantities selling to musicians, producers and DJs as an effect, as distinct from synthesists only module. So they are clearly NOT re-entering the modular synth market at this juncture.

That said, the price is an outrage - are Moog living on the same planet as the rest of us? This is essentially the cost of a Little Phatty! I'm a huge Moog fan but the price of their effects and now this beggars belief.

25-Oct-11 02:36 PM

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