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A Real Moog For 99 Cents
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Synth_Fan    Said...

Surely this is not the 1st professional synth for iPad (Korg for one would have something to say about that)- but - I've just downloaded it and it's absolutely stunning. It sounds incredibly analogue (even say better than my Little Phatty but can that be claimed given the LP is actually analogue?). But Animoog has, to my ears, a 100% Moog sounds. And for 0.79 Euro!

17-Oct-11 07:15 AM

Nick B    Said...

Yes I would agree, about Korg iMS20? Anyhow, just downloaded it here and the presets are lovely - reminds me of early Absynth - which was vert impressive

17-Oct-11 07:33 AM

Atomic Shadow    Said...

I am blown away by this app.

17-Oct-11 08:31 AM

Mattsynth    Said...

I would love to see a hardware version. iPad apps don't feel like an instrument to me. I love the feel of real keys and controllers for expression. I guess I am old school.

17-Oct-11 10:12 AM

Ed A.    Said...

Sounds great! Cool interface too. I just downloaded it for 99 cents even though I don't yet have an iPad. I'm holding out for an iPad 3 in 2012, but this deal is too good to pass up.

17-Oct-11 05:01 PM

ISQWEEFORiPad    Said...

so after giving the voyager every possible paint job this is what they kick out after the ripoff xl? pathetic!!! well atleast they did not call it the little phatASS! moog = boring

17-Oct-11 06:16 PM

NoWay Jose    Said...

A real Moog cannot exist on an iOS device. This article is misleading and should be pulled.

17-Oct-11 11:14 PM

Brazda lui Novac    Said...

I think it's the best sounding softsynth ever, there is still hope for digital! Now if Apple would do something about iPad's DA converters or to allow an external soundcard...

18-Oct-11 03:51 AM

Koshdukai    Said...

@NoWay Jose: Sorry, but... it it's a Moog Music product, then, technically, its a "real Moog".

Anyway, v1.0.0 has some issues and bug with the MIDI input implementation that I really hope they fix soon.

18-Oct-11 06:40 AM

Koshdukai    Said...

@Synth_Fan and @Nick B: I also thought that "the World's first professional polyphonic synthesizer designed for Apple's iPad" claim was PR talk but then... I guess I understood what they're claiming: They're trying to say that it's the 1st Pro Poly synth *DESIGNED* for (and implemented on) the multi-touch environment.

So... if we think of iMS-20, it's not polyphonic (the app is, the synth isn't) and it wasn't "invented/designed" specifically for the iPad... it was based on the existing hardware version and then (very well, IMHO) adapted for the iPad. I'm guessing that's what they are claiming... which, again, is not true because there's already a log of iPad specific Pro poly synths apps out there with even wackier UIs than Animoog's vector modulator.

I have to add that I love the iMS-20 implementation (wished it was poly like the VST LEgacy brother) and has the best GUI possible, mixing usability with "hardware look'n'feel (just like Moog's Filtatron, btw).

18-Oct-11 06:50 AM

Atomic Shadow    Said...


From Moog's website on this app... "The heart of Animoog is Moog’s Anisotropic Synthesis Engine (ASE), a technology that has been in development at Moog for nearly six years. Animoog captures the vast sonic vocabulary of Moog synthesizers and applies it to the modern touch surface paradigm..."

Sounds like they have something else up their sleeve to me. They didn't start this project out 6 years ago hoping that Apple would invent the iPad one day.

18-Oct-11 07:14 AM

Atomic Shadow    Said...

@ Qeeforipad,

Looking forward to release of your next original and innovative synthesizer. Your condescending attitude from behind a veil of internet anonymity= boring.

18-Oct-11 07:20 AM

Synth_Fan    Said...

@Koshdukai - you are absolutely right. I (and Nick) were arguably a bit short sighted on that. Indeed this is designed for the iPad and even though there are others like Jordan Rudess' MorphWhiz (a good app), it does nevertheless have shortcomings. So perhaps Moog were not being bullish afterall but really mean business here and are being earnest. Certainyl the app is outstanding. So your points should arguably be factored in when and if it is reviewed.

@Atomic shadow - well spotted re. the lenght of research and development.

18-Oct-11 11:01 AM

Atomic Shadow    Said...

Nick B could you please delete my comments as i was being a little moog fanboy dick. I am sorry. Must respect others opinions.

18-Oct-11 11:08 AM

Jimbob    Said...

This thing is not running properly on my iPad! Glad it only cost me 99cents. =(

18-Oct-11 11:13 AM

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