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Oberheim Synthesizer Expander Module In Software
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CR78    Said...

I'll support Tom but i'm not supporting Arturia(Gibson) if you know what I mean.......

10-Oct-11 11:54 AM

tyrone    Said...

If Oberheim endorses I'll be happy to buy this synth.

10-Oct-11 12:41 PM

yeyo    Said...

not another crappy sounding wanna be analog soft synth

10-Oct-11 07:05 PM

Ed A.    Said...

It's like Arturia thinks that if they make the GUI look realistic on their soft synths, then nobody will notice how unrealistic they actually sound. All their stuff sounds the same to me. I'll be surprised if this is any different.

10-Oct-11 07:47 PM

Dooby brother    Said...

Does not matter to me if it is hardware or software. All of you make the same damn sounds over and over again anyway.

10-Oct-11 09:56 PM

LagrangeAudio    Said...

Interesting how that's now two SEM announcements in a month!! Anyone up for doing an OB-8?

10-Oct-11 09:57 PM

Dick venkman    Said...

The Arturia synths all sound different to me. But I actually bought them and have spent time with them. While others have spent 2 minutes with a warez copy comparing it to a youtube video.

10-Oct-11 10:00 PM

Ned    Said...

Some of us did not grow up in the days when these classic analogs were affordable. So to a good chunk of people these machines are not a standard but overpriced items, that most of us will never get to own. I am personally glad that arturia has created a soft synth to keep the oberheim name alive =) and allow future generations to use a virtual version of an awesome synth module.

10-Oct-11 10:10 PM

scotch    Said...

For all of you who do not know Tom Oberheim is still alive and the REAL SEM is available for purchase.

10-Oct-11 10:17 PM

Robert    Said...

Kind of funny to hear a young person describe vintage synths as having been "affordable" in their day. As someone who got interested in synths around '75, and actually got access to few around '79 before beginning to make my own purchases in '83… the killer top-tier synths of the late 70's and 80's were anything but affordable.

Back then as it is today, for many, the gear you'd REALLY like to have is not easily within reach… yet we live in a time when quality synth gear and music production tools in general have never been more accessible… the big difference is back then it was the expensive stuff or nothing at all.

11-Oct-11 08:56 PM

DuhMass    Said...

I suspect Ned meant the period when analogs became dirt cheap =) cuz everyone scrambled for digital synths.

13-Oct-11 04:49 PM

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