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halo    Said...

soundcloud site with examples from users

09-Oct-11 08:58 PM

Marc    Said...

If NI had allowed users to load their own samples I think iMaschine would have been great. From what I have about read iMaschine though, users will only be able to load additional sounds from NI for extra $$$

10-Oct-11 03:28 PM

Redlion    Said...

You can load any samples you want from anywhere. I've loaded my own drums samples into it.

10-Oct-11 08:56 PM

I Don't Like Music    Said...

Audio copy and paste would be nice. Otherwise, a fine program for a fiver. Limited, sure. But anyone raised on 80s drum machines most likely won't have a problem with it.

11-Oct-11 06:39 AM

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