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Propellerhead Releases Reason 6, Reason Essentials And Balance
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I Don't Like Music    Said...

I see the Props raised the price for the Reason 6 Upgrade for Record-Reason Duo users from EUR €99 to EUR €149 to subsidize the beating they're going to take from the 'pay what you think it's worth' scheme.

30-Sep-11 04:00 PM

L56    Said...

Huh? I have record and reason duo and upgraded for 25 euro (paying 1 euro felt like cheating imho). You can do so till the end of october no? So what's the problem?

Pay what you want is only for record and reason users because they upgrade to the least new features.

01-Oct-11 11:57 AM

david    Said...

Yeah another paid upgrade when v5 didn't even last it's price in upgrade .

01-Oct-11 10:58 PM

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