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Gibson's 'Revolutionary' Guitar Released
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JB    Said...

"with the ability to survive a fall from a six-foot building" - I'm assuming this is referring to the height of the building... in which case do many houses still have an outside toilet?

29-Sep-11 08:04 AM

Dr,Wu    Said...

pretty ugly!

29-Sep-11 02:18 PM

Uchu    Said...

That body looks like it was made from recycled bowling balls! Eh?

29-Sep-11 03:00 PM

Firebird wont fly    Said...

These are the things I see wrong with this. 1-Guitar players are not smart enough to keep track of WTF this thing is doing. 2-Guitar players love guitars. They want to buy lots of them.Why buy something that will make your rack of weirdly tuned guitars obsolete? 3-Guitar players love to buy lots of pedals. Why take that away from them?

All the things this guitar makes simple, are either too complicated for a guitar player, or too convenient for a guitar player. This guitar will never fly.

29-Sep-11 08:51 PM

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