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Pay What You Want For Upgrade To Reason 6
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DC    Said...

I think I'll pay my $1 just to keep reason up to date even though I never use R&R anymore...

23-Sep-11 04:55 AM

freeproppyfanboys    Said...

same as you DC,But im proberbly going to sell the whole lot now,once ibegrudgingly pay them one doller ,

Its proberbly the best time to get shot of reason if your adisgruntled exe propellerhead hardcore user like myself.

23-Sep-11 05:11 AM

panam    Said...

I'll be doing $1 too, but only because after paying for Record and it's upgrade I kinda feel justified (justifying my own cheapness there :)

I think they are still amazing products though, very little touch them when it comes to having a self contained solid sketchpad for ideas. To each their own though

23-Sep-11 08:40 AM

The Guvnor    Said...

I'd pay them a hell lot more if it could host my VSTs instead of just offering what I already have (Reason + Record) plus 3 effects. 64 bit goes without saying.

23-Sep-11 09:00 AM

L56    Said...

PDA: Pretty Damn Awesome. After just having bought reason and record in may, I felt a little cjeated I had to pay again wat others would get for a lot less. I will pay 25 euro for to compensate a bit for you lot! ;) That's 1/4 of the original 99 euro upgrade price well worth it for the super coolest music soft company inda world. (Ableton being my second, Spectrasonics 3rd)

23-Sep-11 12:01 PM

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