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Practise Guitar Silently
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AndyB    Said...

That's pretty much useless.

At least if they'd put 5 frets on, you might have been able to practice some scales. You can't even do pentatonics with only 4 (3rd shape needs 5).

18-Sep-11 03:43 PM

Amped    Said...

Don't think it's useless Andy, very useful for enthusiastic beginners, just not very good for more advanced guitarists. I think even if they made a model with 7 or 8 frets for modal scales, it wouldn't actually be that beneficial for advanced guitarists, as it would be hard to wield in the right position due to the neck not being fixed to anything.

I don't think it's going to set the world on fire, but I do think it's good for guys practising scale shapes and certain scales, like most pentatonic positions.

18-Sep-11 04:16 PM

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