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Roland Announces R-Mix Music Software
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Brian from USA    Said...

Where was this software when I need it 30 years ago? Pretty amazing.

16-Sep-11 07:51 AM

Eau    Said...

This tech has been around for at least 10 years (and available to those enterprising enough to learn the method, simple as it may be). It looks like QuikQuak's MashTactic product which already gives a nice front-end to the methods that are employed for isolating specific frequency bandwidths. IF Melodyne released a simplified DNA equipped app, there would be little stopping the remixers from ever having to come up with something original ever again.

16-Sep-11 11:18 AM

Ben    Said...

Too bad it is from Roland, as they never update anything and don't care about their customers.

17-Sep-11 03:00 PM

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