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New Mic And Instrument Interface For iOS
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anonymous coward    Said...

...and another one that uses the headphone jack instead of the much better connection through the dock connector... why? sometimes i wonder if apple charges a fee if somebody wants to use the dock connector or is it because they changed the pin layout on the iphone4 (and ipad2?) and now the manufacturers cannot make devices that work with all ios devices? what about the alesis studiodock for instance? that one includes a plastic adapter to fit the formfactor of the ipad2, but it does not seem to have problems with the pins on the dock connector?

17-Sep-11 10:40 AM

Nick B    Said...

I am sure you are right - I think if you want to use the iPad/iPhone dock theres some kind of extra approval and I would imaging license to pay too which would no doubt add to the cost.

17-Sep-11 04:05 PM

Velocipede    Said...

Don't you also need a DA/AD converter in the device to use the dock connector?

18-Sep-11 01:47 AM

AndyB    Said...

To be fair, Apple has changed the dock connector interface between the iPhone 3gs, the 4 and the iPad - so it's tough for manufacturers to keep up.

The headphone port is poor though. It starts to roll off under a few hundred Hz - not good for stuff like bass at all.

18-Sep-11 03:40 PM

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