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Sonic LAB: UAD2 Satellite Quad Review
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M Clis    Said...

aaaammm... sonic core xite-1?

08-Sep-11 02:02 PM

Nick B    Said...

Thanks I've not come across that before. I'll check it out

08-Sep-11 04:45 PM

Mattsynth    Said...

I have been using AU plugins for over 4 years now and I must say, they sound great. The main reason I purchased their hardware is to lighten the load on me computer. Now that computers have become much faster I can't see investing that kind of money anymore for their hardware. It is expensive and other companies now have the same plugins without the hardware cost. Do others sound the same? My ears can't tell the difference. I think the time has come for UA to released there plugins in VST format.

09-Sep-11 08:54 AM

Nick B    Said...

Interesting point - it would certainly make sense for some of them, although stuff like the Massive passive is hugely DSP hungry - like one per chip.

I wonder if they would be able to recode for the alternative CPU/chips etc without too much much work...

09-Sep-11 09:43 AM

Nordberg    Said...

I think the CS-1 channels strip really shines on pornographic material. I have not yet tried it out myseld but I hear it does wonders on 3D porn as well.

11-Sep-11 11:12 AM

hiltonius    Said...

latency? can't use them in real time? gosh, i must be doing something wrong - my DAW compensates for all latencies in these plugins perfectly, and i use them in "real time" on every mix i'm doing nowadays. perhaps this latency issue is unique to the stand alone box - but i'd be surprised if it was.

11-Sep-11 11:57 AM

Nick B    Said...

Hey Rich! I mean on live inputs where you might want to hear your signal - post processing - I piled a few up on imposcar2 and it was not really useable for that purpose

11-Sep-11 04:01 PM

Nick B    Said...

To clarify while being performed - obviously in if I recorded the mIDI then put the plugs in it would compensate, but not while actually playing from my keyboard

11-Sep-11 04:03 PM

Piotr    Said...

I think UAD will never release native versions of their plugins simply because they make living selling hardware. Consider UAD hardware an expensive dongle...that's what it really is.

12-Sep-11 08:53 AM

EMwhite    Said...

I must have missed the initial posting of your review Nick but thanks. Interesting timing, I purchased a UAD-2 Solo in August and I am very very impressed. I got my hands on EMT-250, RE-201 Space Echo and will shortly be picking up the Roland Chorus as demoed. A SINGLE Shark chip is plenty good for one channel live playing and PCI version which I have in my 3 yr old Mac pro compliments my Analog synths nicely. I never thought I'd turn to the 'dark side', but I took a leap entering the world of software emulation for effects and can say that I don't regret it one bit. Quite the opposite, UAD is a great value and I urge anybody who is interested to begin with a Solo for just around $400 USD. You can always add other cards to the system later.

17-Nov-11 09:41 PM

mud    Said...

sir, why have you never seen the SonicCore XITE-1? it does more than just about anything on the market and it's been around for quite some time. if you wish to check it out, contact SonicCore North America 562=277-3818. ask for Gary.

02-Nov-15 04:39 PM

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