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Native Instruments Announce Maschine Mikro
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Nick B    Said...

Not sure what happened to the NI video embed seems not to work, you can view it on their site howerver

06-Sep-11 06:47 AM

DJ RAZZ    Said...

Will my Toshiba I3 work? 2.1 ghz, 500GB hardrive, 4 gigs of RAM, I don't know yet how to find ASIO on it or load it if need be. I have been a mac guy for 15 years, except for work.

06-Sep-11 01:40 PM

Adam Bailey    Said...

@Dj Razz

or you could get an audio interface with asio drivers...

07-Sep-11 08:55 PM

Woo    Said...

$200 less than the original Maschine. Interesting.

07-Sep-11 11:21 PM

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