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Podcast: SONIC TALK 232 - Little Brown Corvette
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Gnat span    Said...

Well held gentlemen! Only two and over an hour and still entertaining

01-Sep-11 02:21 PM

Loneraver    Said...

Where are these boutique compressors of the 1176? You really peaked my interest.

01-Sep-11 06:34 PM

Blue Monster 65    Said...

Just got a GR-500 for the studio - I've yet to get a chance to plug it in, but I'm sure excited to!

01-Sep-11 11:05 PM

Nick B    Said...

1176 link now posted - sorry about that.

Blue - I am soo jealous - post a video! You'll be the only one on YT apart from the really dark one we featured

02-Sep-11 11:58 AM

Listener    Said...

Yeah +1 for video on Youtube please!

06-Sep-11 07:06 AM

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