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Korg Monotribe Is Available Now
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Mattsynth    Said...

I am waiting for Monotribe XL to come out next year with much more features. This box is very limited.

01-Sep-11 10:17 AM

Skeptic    Said...

Have you heard that there will be something like that coming or is that just a guess?

01-Sep-11 06:20 PM

Frank    Said...

I am very disappointed that this app was not released for anything other than IOS devices.

I would gladly pay money to not have to go through the effort I do syncing this thing on a Windows PC.

There is literally no other reason than marketing that they could not have made this a simple program available to everyone.

Not just IOS devices. Really stupid in my honest opinion.

Sadly it doesn't appear like they care or will ever release it otherwise.

I don't find the Monotribe limited, especially when you buy the MIDI add on you can find on the net.

It isn't the best MIDI but it works and definitely increases the usability of the little box.

Always depends on the user how well something is put to use anyway.

Many people would say the Microkorg is a joke of a synth but I have heard kids who had their Microkorg's sound exactly if not as good as any Moog you would ever hear. No joke.

Just a pain in the ass to do it on a Microkorg but again it all comes down to the user.

29-Aug-12 01:43 AM

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