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The Gibson Raids, What's The Deal?
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AndyB    Said...

Maybe they've impounded all stocks of the Firebird X for crimes against good taste?

28-Aug-11 11:22 AM

Sean    Said...

They have singled out Gibson, and not other brands using the exact same materials from the same suppliers, because Gibson happens to be in a right to work state. The US "Justice" Department is run by a thug named Eric Holder, who is not ashamed to achieve political objectives with automatic weapons, if necessary. Well, that's my OPINION. Fight on, Gibson.

28-Aug-11 02:51 PM

RBee    Said...

India and Madagascar - the primary sources for Rosewood - have banned all exports of the product due to over-exploitation. Un-finished Rosewood over 6mm is banned. Gibson knew this, and provided false info on their documents to get around the ban. Shame on Gibson.

29-Aug-11 10:42 AM

btm    Said...

The Sixth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution declares that “the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial,” and must be “informed of the nature and cause of the accusation.” Based on their conduct in raiding the Gibson Guitar company, agents from the FBI and the Fish and Wildlife Service could stand a refresher course in the law of the land. It's been a year and nine months since the first raid, and they have yet to file charges. People's pay checks have been impacted. Time for Justice to put up or shut up and make the case. And, if India has banned Rosewood and ebony, how come every other US guitar maker continues to use them?

29-Aug-11 04:51 PM

nshpD    Said...

India hasn't "banned Rosewood and ebony". They've banned exportation of unfinished boards. You can still buy finished boards (as long as they were finished in India). That's where Gibson went wrong.

31-Aug-11 07:05 AM

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