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Podcast: Sonic TALK 230 - Matt Robertson Björk's Biophillia MD
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hui    Said...

Wrong number in title, Nick - it's #231 :)

25-Aug-11 09:36 AM

Alan    Said...

Wasn't Matt also part of the podcast team in the beginning or am I mistaken?

25-Aug-11 10:40 AM

SynthOverlord    Said...

Alan, You're probably thinking of Dave Robinson.

25-Aug-11 11:38 AM

Nick B    Said...

Hui - rigth of course - in a rush to get it out before the holiday, last thing on the list - sorry about that.

26-Aug-11 11:55 AM

Alan    Said...

That's right, SynthOverlord! But the voice is familiar to me.

27-Aug-11 10:38 AM

MattD    Said...

Matt is one of the finest musicians and producers out there. Glad he's starting to get the coverage he deserves!

30-Aug-11 06:12 AM

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