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Sonic Lab: IK Multimedia T-RackS On Test
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Jack    Said...

Is Delay Compensation ON in PT?

16-Aug-11 12:12 PM

mattsynth    Said...

After your have record your music and get it just right it will be converted to 16 Bit then compressed to a MP3 and come out a tiny speaker on your iPod. What a shame what we have done to music today.

16-Aug-11 12:26 PM

Rich B    Said...

@Jack: Yes it most certainly is. Are you hearing some phasing related to the clip-on mic on my chest possibly?

16-Aug-11 12:53 PM

Gabe    Said...

You can get T-Racks for only $99 right now if you have any other IK Software!

15-Feb-12 08:26 PM

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