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More Jupiter-80 Audio Demos
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GD    Said...

sounds old and retarded to me

16-Aug-11 09:00 AM

loneraver    Said...

it's now been 15 years since Roland has excited me about something. They just aren't the same company they once were.

16-Aug-11 11:16 AM

Mattsynth    Said...


16-Aug-11 04:28 PM

Sunny Jim    Said...

The JP-80 beguiled me even having got the Korg Kronos two weeks before. Despite some quirky anomalies in some of its organisational hierarchy etc, the sound is awesome and highly programmable. It`s also chunky, solid and very colourful. It can also play 24bit wav files and MP3`s off USB stick, to which it will also record audio. Take some time to play it, and then rate it.

16-Aug-11 06:34 PM

Mike    Said...

Mine is on its way to me a great new ROLAND synth !!! 2 more days for my synth...

17-Aug-11 04:04 AM

mike    Said...

A great new Roland synth mine is here in 2 more days

17-Aug-11 04:05 AM

bobby    Said...

nice! sounds like a karaoke on steroids. what a fail. people wanted a jupiter for 2011 not this crap

17-Aug-11 10:38 AM

sad    Said...

It should have been called the RS-80, since it has more in common with RS machines than with the Jupiters. I can't imagine who at Roland thought that naming it "Jupiter" would go over well with synth lovers.

17-Aug-11 04:43 PM

Peter K.    Said...

I spent about four hours with one of these with a buddy that works for Roland. I must say that the acoustic sounds, coupled with the behaviour modelling technology made it quite a remarkable experience for replicating acoustic/orchestral sounds live. The synth sounds were also incredible.

The keyboard felt good to play, even the acoustic piano and EP's (no more velocity switching either) felt good with this action.

My biggest criticism - other than the name itself - was the lack of real time control, particularly over the synth section, and drawbar organ sounds. It does sound really good though. It would be a great choice for people who have to fill out orchestral sounds on gigs, like in musicals, etc. To have a keyboard that would play unison brass lines properly split up the individual brass players when you played chords - in real time - was crazy.

I hope they release a controller box for it like they did for the MKS-80 back in the day.

18-Aug-11 11:30 AM

Peter K.    Said...

My advice is to love it for what it is - a great synth with some extremely killer acoustic sounds that sounds and respond like the real thing. If you approach it thinking that it's going to be a killer polyphonic analog synth with a ton of real time control - you'll be disappointed, even though the synth sounds and engine are great.

If you need the real analog thing, check out the DSI Prophet '08 or Tetra. Those are killer.

18-Aug-11 11:36 AM

Adam Bailey    Said...

Sounds like 1992. Is this really the best they can come up with? Plug-ins like Synful and Orchestral are already long in the tooth, and still sound far superior.

Roland sucks more and more.

19-Aug-11 12:42 PM

Ferran    Said...

Not convinced about the sound, sorry Roland but you've failed.

23-Aug-11 07:08 AM

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