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Un-boxing: Teenage Engineering OP-1
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aymat    Said...

Nick, couple of questions:

1) What is the capacity for storing programs/projects?

2) What format does it store settings/projects in?

3) Any midi control via usb?

12-Aug-11 10:07 AM

Ben    Said...

Can it midi sync?

12-Aug-11 11:24 AM

RedWalks    Said...

Hi Nick , I heard rumours that patches of sounds you made were not storeable or factory presets were not overwriteable . Could you clear that up maybe...Cya

12-Aug-11 11:28 AM

NickB    Said...

You can store patches just pres memory 1-8 and hold for 2 secs or more, its then called a snapshot.

Dont think it can MIDI sync. Projects are stored in Aif audio format.

12-Aug-11 11:37 AM

lofi1990    Said...

How is it as a software controller?

Is there a software editor?

12-Aug-11 01:59 PM

Kyle J    Said...

Hey Nick,

How do you see the OP-1 in a typical workflow? More as an individual instrument you can use with other instruments chained to a DAW, or perhaps an all-in-one device where you can create whole songs?

13-Aug-11 08:48 AM

Svante    Said...

Does OP take midi in? /swede

13-Aug-11 05:44 PM

Svante    Said...

Can it chop audio rexstyle?

13-Aug-11 05:45 PM

Gustavo    Said...

Will it blend??

Just kidding, I was wondering about the synth engine and if/how can samples be implemented besides the usual slicing, change tempo, etc...

14-Aug-11 12:22 PM

Nicks Secret Lover    Said...

Can you record to a wav file from the FM radio?

14-Aug-11 01:37 PM

Nicks Secret Lover    Said...

Hey can you record the FM radio signal to a wav file?

14-Aug-11 01:38 PM

Oper-8    Said...

You can record the radio (or line-in, or mic) onto the tape (4 tracks available). Then either export each track as a .aif file (mono, no FX or EQ), or mix tracks (Album mode) to a single file (stereo, including FX and EQ).

14-Aug-11 10:55 PM

Oper-8    Said...

There are 8 synth engines (Cluster, Digital, FM, Phase, String, Pulse, Dr Wave, Sampler). For each engine you can set the envelope, FX and LFO. You also have a Drum Sampler engine.

14-Aug-11 11:02 PM

Peter K.    Said...

Interesting instrument. It seems to have an aesthetic somewhere between an early 80's Casio and a Macbook Pro!

I would be curious to see how it functions as a midi sound module, controlled by a conventionial keyboard. Also, are the outputs 1/8" or 1/4"?

15-Aug-11 03:15 AM

Nick B    Said...

Some more answers: Capacity 512MB, MIDI control via USB - yes both directions, velocity sensitive on input.

No sync in or out, does not transmit clock as far as I can tell. No quantize, the recorder is liner with soe basic editing. to ensure tight recordings, you would use the pattern sequencer.

Workflow, not sure - still trying to figure out how that would work, my current guess is that it would work best a s a standalone sketchpad and perhaps an addition to a laptop as it will work as a MIDI controller too.

15-Aug-11 06:57 AM

Stan the man    Said...

A couple things I was wondering. Is there a real-time looping feature a'la digital performer's polar that will allow pass after pass of loop recording? If, so, please give an idea of memory specs available for looping. Also, is there a way to speed up and slow down samples minus the chipmunch or robot effect? If so, How's the quality.

15-Aug-11 08:10 AM

GPSchnyder    Said...

Can I use it both ways via usb/CamconnectionKit/iPad with NanoStudio?

15-Aug-11 04:34 PM

Nick B    Said...

Just finishing up the review - answers: yes you can hook up via cam connection kit and USB to iPad - works well. Workflow, thats tricky - I'm not sure the synth sounds are wow enough to make it must have for sounds, but for sketches, yes I think so.

no sync in or out - this is a shame - be nice to integrate with other stuff

FM radio can record directly into sampler, tape or album modes.

no software editor, MIDI cc is fixed not sure what the logic is on that.

17-Aug-11 08:10 AM

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