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Sonic LAB: Alesis IODock Review
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DBM    Said...

Yeah Big miss on not having a usb hub for class compliant devices built in .... Not sure why either as alesis and Akai have both made usb only midi devices the past couple years . DOn't get me wrong glad it has 5 pin midi , just think it needs both :/

09-Aug-11 09:28 AM

Koshdukai    Said...

IMHO, it lacks a port passthrough.

This would solve the lack of HDMI out and the lack of USB in, all possible through a "dongle-like" chain of 2 Apple extra adapters.

Not the best solution, but at least it would allow a workaround to it while still using the iDock.

Hope iDock II will bring all of these: HDMI out, USB in (for USB MIDI input or even a regular USB keyboard) *and* connector port passthrough to allow usage of any future adapters while the iPad is docked.

09-Aug-11 09:47 AM

Velocipede    Said...

I heard an interview with an Alesis rep on the Touch Sound podcast. He made it clear that audio was their primary focus for this unit and that he has been surprised at how important MIDI has been for many users. Now they know, so maybe the next iteration will have beefed up MIDI features.

09-Aug-11 05:47 PM

Tom    Said...

I don't know if you tested it, but my iO DOCK doesn't transmit sysex data. All other messages such as CC, NRPN/RPN works fine. This is a bit of a turnoff for me.

10-Aug-11 02:40 AM

BB1970    Said...

There were two things that turned me off to the IO Dock. The big one was when you go into Direct Monitoring, the headphone channel wasn't summed to mono, which means the guitar part was only coming through one ear. The other was that the iPad was VERY hard to get out of the craddle. I had the iPad 1 and it was really really in there, so much so that I thought i was going to damage the unit. Anyway, it went back. There were other quinbbles, but those two were the ones that stuck out.

10-Aug-11 04:12 AM

Nick B    Said...

I didnt find the extraction to be all that tricky - it does grab it firmly though - I guess you'd want that, but maybe there's a little too much wander in the tolerances so some units do grab hard.

10-Aug-11 05:17 AM

selercs    Said...

I will buy it when their version 2 comes out with usb audio/midi like on the roland synths or access virus.

10-Aug-11 10:47 AM

Pimple Sieman    Said...

Can the headphone output receive a separate mix such as a DJ cue mix rather than just mirroring the main outputs?

08-Sep-11 11:13 AM

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