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Will Anybody Buy A New Gibson Firebird X?
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Sensei    Said...

sometimes you just want a guitar, thats just a guitar. aint buying it

08-Aug-11 06:31 AM

Firey Bird    Said...

yeah but, the robot tuning is damned fast. Not for everyone of course, but jolly handy if you gig and dont have a guitar tech to hand at all times - sure, its costly but Gibsons are generally.

I guess the Firebird may not be the most popular shape right now though...

08-Aug-11 12:10 PM

Rocky Dennis    Said...

"It also comes with a price tag of $5,570, so not at all like the Variax in that respect."

I'm not defending the FIrebird X, but $5570 is the MSRP listed by Gibson. The street price is obviously going to be lower, in the $4k range. The Tyler Variax JTV-59 USA sells for $4400 in stores, so it's exactly like the Variax in that respect.

08-Aug-11 12:19 PM

greg    Said...

Is tuning a guitar really that hard for some people?

08-Aug-11 05:11 PM

Tune it Bouy    Said...

greg Said... Is tuning a guitar really that hard for some people?

Of course not. But if you use different tunings for specific tunes and tones on stage, it lets me take one guitar to a gig instead of 5.

I saw the FBX at NAMM, I know the Variax. It is NOTHING like the Variax

"Orangutans are skeptical of changes in their cages...."

Love my Tele, LP and 335, won't change them. But I appreciate that some of these companies are working to develop our tools as well. Most will fall on their butts, some won't

08-Aug-11 06:07 PM

Cerebral Infect    Said...

This article and video just left me puzzled.

The writer compared this guitar to a Variax, which is not a good comparison. The Variax use DSP to model other guitars, and actually with the software editor, let you comes out with new guitar model. NO ONBOARD EFFECT like delay or distortions.

The firebird "just" offer the regular mode, the single coil mode (you can switch humbucker to use a single coil with a switch on any guitars), a second humbucker mode (with probably eq to change the sound) and there is probably piezo bridge with it's output used to sound like an acoustic. Just like Godin guitars used.

The robot tuning is a nice feature. Thumbs up for that.

Two thumbs down, Cesar style for execution are for the inboard effect. On a kid guitar at 200$ yes, that would be a plus. But on a 4000$ guitar, guess what, the user probably have a nice amp and effect setup, making the inboard effect pretty much useless. And guess what, in time, digital effect will get better, again making this investement less interesting for long term purpose.

I would rather pay 4000$ for a guitar with only the robot tuning but with higher built quality than a 4000$ Firebird X. As for the effects, I can get the one I really want.

For the same price, an interesting guitar would be a Moog Guitar with it's sustain or anti-sustain pickup and real analogue low pass filter.

08-Aug-11 09:48 PM

Rich B    Said...

Hey guys, author of article here.

Glad this created so much discussion. Sorry about the Variax confusion, I was implying that with the Pod link you could activate effects, which I've made more obvious in the article now.

To Rocky Dennis, I fear you've been ripped off, or saved 3 JTV-59s into your shopping basket by mistake, because price is around £1000:,or.r_gc.r_pw.&biw=1441&bih=753&um=1&ie=UTF-8&tbm=shop&cid=167903424423271689&sa=X&ei=tQNBTp3FFIWohAemt8WoCQ&ved=0CCQQ8wIwAA

I know what I'd rather buy for my money!

09-Aug-11 05:55 AM

Rich B... Again    Said...

Oh, missed the USA part. Which is here:

09-Aug-11 06:07 AM

Rocky Dennis    Said...

Also, a Variax can't tune itself as your edited article still implies ("It can tune itself, like a Variax.") It provides alternate tunings (which the Gibson can do as well)- and it does so through DSP instead of physically doing so like the Gibson. As far as I know, the only other guitar that can tune itself besides the ones Gibson makes that with that feature is the Fret-King Super-Matic.

09-Aug-11 11:15 AM

Don    Said...

The Firebird X is limited edition. They won't even make these in the same sort of numbers as a Les Paul Studio, say. So, yeah, they will sell a few, but they do realize that it's a limited market. They do need to stop trying to be the Apple of the guitar world though, and just be Gibson.

12-Aug-11 10:11 AM

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