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Now You Can Buy A 100% Royalty Free Song
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Brian from USA    Said...

wow...not sure what to say about this...better buy one quick before someone else releases their version ;)

03-Aug-11 03:37 PM

rez_azel    Said...

Wow, this is even more pointless than all those construction kit sets out there...

04-Aug-11 04:14 AM

fontalroy    Said...

all i can say is WOW... TOTALLY wow i bought this then i made a song and booom my life was great,i didnt have to think about the last year of my life now i get to see these people on a regular basis WOW...TOTALLY

04-Aug-11 02:57 PM

I Don't Like Music    Said...

Too late! "Shawty's a Keeper" already a Youtube smash hit:

Prime Loops' "Number One Hit Maker" version here:

04-Aug-11 03:30 PM

Eau    Said...

yo mang. .i jus show up at da vocal boof and spit my linez. an get paid'n'laid. . naa'mean??

I can't decide if Prime Loops should be deemed morally reprehensible for unleashing this sort of half-assery unto the populous or if I should praise them for the endless entertainment brought on by individual takes on the same beat. For example one guy just 'raps' over the existing vocal track on the 'shawty' kit. Why not do a color by numbers of Picasso?

04-Aug-11 05:55 PM

Kevin Nolan, Dublin.    Said...

For God's sake. Just how low can people go to make a buck? This is about as depressing, pointless and fake as it gets. Absolutely pathetic.

All that can be cheap and tacky in music, packaged in one box.

07-Aug-11 05:19 AM

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