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Neo-Soul Suitcase Library for Kontakt 4
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aymat    Said...

"If I just gave you..."

All you gave me was a headache. Play the damn thing and let the product speak for itself. Don't ruin it by talking so much.

27-Jul-11 08:16 AM

Jam    Said...

Yeah the guy is annoying. He says the same thing at least three times before getting to the point.

Also, it's a Kontakt Instrument, not a "VST plugin" like he claims.

27-Jul-11 08:23 AM

deepmusic    Said...

You guys are gays,how dare you say such shit when he takes his time to explain what every function does and why,you are so frustrated better not come on this site.again when he says its a vst he is referring through kontakt...suckers always consider the negative..peace.

14-Dec-11 05:57 PM

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