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Unboxing: Alesis IODock For iPad
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Rob aka Failed Muso    Said...

Nice one Nick! Had this on my shopping list since I first saw it at NAMM and glad it's now here. Would you be happy with it's plastic construction on a live basis and also, can you see it leaving any marks on the iPad if you were to take it in & out a lot?

Also, very interested on your opinion of audio in quality.


25-Jul-11 12:02 PM

Nick B    Said...

Okay will check that out, it has a slight soft covering to the overlay plastic case - I guess it probably would mark as much as any case kept on longterm, with maybe a build up of dirt.

25-Jul-11 12:16 PM

Superwaldi    Said...

Thanks for this video.

May you can check out the video output as well.

And my main concern: is it compatible with any app?

25-Jul-11 12:33 PM


Are there any plans for Alesis to make a rack mountable version?

25-Jul-11 01:10 PM

Japansynth    Said...

Akai 49 or the alesis dock?

25-Jul-11 01:22 PM

Bo    Said...

Is it possible to record stereo? Originally I thought iPads can only record mono. But I remember a video from NAMM/Messe where somebody claimed they are the only ones who can record stereo on the iPad.


25-Jul-11 01:22 PM

Jamie    Said...

Can U use the USB port 2 power your midi keyboard?

25-Jul-11 03:29 PM

Dave    Said...

@Japansynth - The akai 49 has all the same stuff - the video out put , but + keys and pads . @Jamie - this I think was a missed opportunity there :/ it's a B type to host only I believe .

@ Nick - Does it charge the iPad too ? - 44.1 K 16bit /24 ?

25-Jul-11 05:22 PM

DBM    Said...

If they would of added a USB hub 2-4 ports it would have been perfect .

25-Jul-11 05:28 PM

KiwiSteve    Said...

Be interested in the quality and fixing method of the knobs and ports? All looked a lo ] little loose and plasticy (reads cheap) from your quick unboxing but maybe that is not correct.

25-Jul-11 06:03 PM

noise1010    Said...

I like mine, overall. But I have to admit that I imagined a better build quality from the pictures. I wish there was a way to plug in my Akai MPK mini controller, but it only has a mini USB connector. And thanks for doing the video - it made me notice I didn't send in for the iPad2 adapter (mine wasn't included).

25-Jul-11 08:11 PM

patchbay    Said...

Waited five months for this to be released, waited another four weeks for stores to have stock, finally arrived with no iPad 2 adapter, still waiting (three weeks so far). Musicians friend website said it operates with both AC and batteries which is not the case. I bought this unit to turn my ipad into a field recorder which is impossible. Doesn't work with amplitube, ahhh!!! Having said all that, it is well made, sounds fantastic and does what it does very well at a great price.

25-Jul-11 10:45 PM

Tracy Evans    Said...

Is there a way to attach a bracket or plate to the bottom of the unit? I want to attach it to a synth stand or drum rack. If not, would it stand up to drilling some holes in the bottom to attach a mounting plate?

25-Jul-11 11:34 PM

heyjohn    Said...

How does it work for guitar input? Does it compare well against an Alesis iO2 express with camera kit & powered hub? The iO2 allows 2 guitars, and can also do mono -- putting one guitar on both channels. Try something that supports CoreAudio, like AmpKit or StudioDevil, and let's see how it does...

26-Jul-11 05:15 AM

Can    Said...

Nice video! Thanks... Does the unit have an audio interface such as D/A converter built-in? Or does the USB work with the other audio interfaces? Cheers,

26-Jul-11 05:35 AM

Nick B    Said...

As far as I understand, the dock just intercepts the audio from the iPad, there is no digitizing of the audio through the Dock. Which is a shame - I thought that would be the case

26-Jul-11 05:26 PM

meI'm    Said...

What about latency ?

27-Jul-11 01:59 PM

Flamer    Said...

Confused about the USB connection - presumably you can attach a USB midi keyboard to play app-based virtual instruments(is that correct? Also, does the same apply to other midi interfaces such as Nanopads, etc?), but can it also funtion as an audio interface - feeding into your computer/DAW? Could you attach a USB hub and use it to attach more than one USB device?

08-Aug-11 03:04 PM

Flamer    Said...

Just watched the full review - nice one, as always. One question for clarification: I take it you CAN plug a USB keyboard into the mini-USB socket on the IODock (as you were playing one). It's just you said in the video (about 7.56) 'the USB interface is purely to work between it and a host can't just plug a midi device into the USB port and have it driven from the IODock'. So to be clear - you CAN use and USB keyboard, but you CAN'T use any other interface, such as Nanopad, etc? Thanks Nick!

10-Aug-11 12:33 PM

jafamilyman    Said...

Hello Nick, waiting for a new akai mpk mini usb keyboard controller, which is on backorder from Mfctr until Feb 2012, and want to make sure that it will control apps, such as the Animoog and garageband instruments via the usb, as the mpk does not have traditional midi out? If it will not work, I will cancel my order and get something else that will work. Also have been having a lot of trouble using those apps with the iDock while controlling them with standard midi (ie. my Nord Electro 2, older Korg 01W, etc. with notes "Sticking-ON" within GarageBand and the Animoog. Is this a glitch with the iDock and the midi "note-on" mssgs?

23-Jan-12 01:56 PM

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