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ControlBlade - Built-in Keyboard/Monitor, i7, USB3 , Under $2k
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mattsynth    Said...

This is very cool but I still think you should keep every part of your studio seperate. This way when you need to upgrade a componet you can do so without buying a whole new system. My studio has some equipment that are over 20 years old and also some I have just purchased a couple of weeks ago. The all in one package is not for me, building a fully equipped studio one componet at a time is the fun part.

25-Jul-11 10:01 AM

Pjack    Said...

I agree with Mattsynth here..

25-Jul-11 12:13 PM

Velocipede    Said...

1599 only gets you an i3. Some of their larger custom keyboards look pretty nice. As far as an integrated solution goes, though, I'm not sure this is it.

26-Jul-11 05:24 AM

Condra    Said...

Sorry but that keyboard is clearly made by the infamous Chinese plastic house, most commonly known as "Worlde" , but going by multiple other names internationally. Absolute JUNK.

28-Jul-11 09:24 AM

JoeP    Said...

I cant believe anyone actually thought that using that keyboard was a good idea.

29-Jul-11 11:42 AM

Albert    Said...

This is perfect for a small space.

12-Oct-11 02:40 PM

Silvafang    Said...

Yall hatin, would you rather buy a ripoff kronos?

10-Nov-11 10:33 PM

Turn of Eventz    Said...

ppl should really take the time to research something before they bash it...from what I've read this thing same pretty Beast!

29-Dec-11 08:57 PM

K1    Said...

But it's UGLY!!!

Vic Wong is the shit I must say. The over all power of Music Computing products punches Open Labs in the face. But the look and style of OL bitch slaps every Blade product out. Being beat up is one thing but getting bitch slapped is totally embarrassing!

The base models are less than any other production center but only have half the power and once you've upgraded you've lost your arm and leg...

20-Feb-12 02:07 PM

IMAGINE    Said...

This is a music absolutely unbelievable performance machine. We are totally happy users of this amazing technology. Our ControlBlade travels with us on gigs of all kinds. The sound quality is awesome, the video out capabilities are wonderful. We play venues of all types and sizes, and many genres of music. Our ControlBlade has never let us down, including studio work and recording. Need help understanding the ins and outs of the ControlBlade? There is NO better customer service than that found at Music Computing. All upgrades have been easy to make and totally affordable. We have NEVER had to wait or wonder what to do or how to resolve a challenge. Try calling any other company and getting one-to-one assistance...let us know how that works for you! This unit is so flexible that we are able to use multiple touch screen technology in the studio as well as in live performance. Imagine being able to mix and blend the music as you perform. And by the way...plastic, metal wooden...the exterior case does not effect the quality of the electronics just effects the weight and portability. We have used keyboards that weighed 75+ pounds...this is truly user friendly, music friendly, performance friendly!

10-Feb-13 05:12 PM

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