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Sonic LAB: impOSCar2 Synthesizer + Controller
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Geez    Said...

Thanks for a great review, Nick! How about a Part 2, demoing some of the presets?

22-Jul-11 02:37 PM

nick b    Said...

yep, that will be forthcoming

22-Jul-11 02:38 PM

mattsynth    Said...

The controller is way cool.

22-Jul-11 03:27 PM

brian from usa    Said...

I REALLY like the idea of dedicated controllers, although I suppose if you have more than one or two softsynths it would be just as bad as having a pile of hardware synths lying around, eh? Products like this, APC40, Launchpad, Spark and Maschine show that well designed controllers are really the next step in software evolution.

22-Jul-11 05:46 PM

LagrangeAudio    Said...

Could they not release the PC version sans RTAS and release the fixes later as an update. That way predominantly VST users don't have to wait for something that works now.

25-Jul-11 04:32 AM

asiohead    Said...

Very nice review Nick ! Thinking about getting it. Minus the controller though, although brilliant, bit expensive for me at the mo. I always loved the way Underworld used it for those lush pads I believe. Yeah Dave and his team really made another fine product !

25-Jul-11 06:19 AM

KiwiSteve    Said...

Pretty cool.. Listing to the extra's video that SonicState produced showing a few patches. I hope just hope there is a Vangelis Bladerunner Patch already set as a preset ;-)

Come on Dave give us BladeRunner ;-0

31-Jul-11 01:41 AM

HappyFunTeam    Said...


01-Aug-11 03:27 AM

Analogue-FanBoy-Hater    Said...

How on earth do they justify the cost of the controller and also expect it to succeed? Doesn't anyone remember what happened to Creaware and their ASB's? I have a Creamware Prodyssey ASB and it's superb, self contained (ok, second hand) but was well below the price of what's being asked here...

21-Dec-11 09:35 AM

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