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Imogen Heap's Data Gloves
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keep music fucked up    Said...

Very into electronic music for twenty plus years. She is critically bland , maybe the i pod generation hasn't listened to big science by Laurie Anderson yet. heap is a godd name, cause its a heap ok........

23-Jul-11 02:21 AM

raphus    Said...

She can be a little bland, and much of her stuff will quicklly seem dated, but she also has some great moments. I totally agree about the Anderson/Big Science comment.

26-Jul-11 01:08 PM

Dmitro    Said...

Very good! I have gloves controller Tornado A1 Midi Controller (wireless midi Gloves (350$)). It's Great!

27-May-16 06:35 AM

Dmitro    Said... - Newest midi gloves!

27-May-16 06:37 AM

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