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Podcast: SONIC TALK 226 - A Dalek From Birmingham
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Brian from USA    Said...

About VST: I believe outside of Cubase/Nuendo only Fruity Loops currently supports VST3. No wonder third party plugin developers haven't switched since most DAWs can't load VST3 plugs. Sadly the Yamaha VST-based "integrated" editors for the Motif family are VST3 so I can only use them in Cubase not Ableton Live :(

21-Jul-11 12:03 PM

Nick B    Said...

thanks Brian, I didnt know that - So does that mean that VST is kind of not a standard anymore? So what happens now...

21-Jul-11 02:44 PM

GOD    Said...

And with the "Guitar Oscillations" "STORY" (not to mention the almost anal obsession with all things Steve Jobs), SonicState comes to an all time low

Disappointed (longtime) fan

21-Jul-11 03:37 PM

Nick B    Said...

Sorry God, some weeks are kinda slow for news you know. Topic suggestions are always welcome

21-Jul-11 10:11 PM

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