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New Versions Of Reason
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Brian from USA    Said...

Now even Reason needs a, hiss. I am sick of being treated like a criminal rather than a valued customer.

On the fence about doing the upgrade (still at Reason 2.5)

12-Jul-11 08:24 AM

xyzzy    Said...

My loyalty to Propellerheads looks far beyond the presence of a dongle. More power to 'em.

I guess Record wasn't selling too well? :

OTOH, it's about time Reason got a wider working space and a fancier mixer. :-) Very nice! I'll be upgrading for sure. Go Propellerheads!

12-Jul-11 10:16 AM

mattsynth    Said...

I use to love Reason but have moved on to more professional software. I got tired of upgrading and lost interest a few years back. It was fun for a time.

12-Jul-11 11:17 AM

selercs    Said...

Reason 5 was a let down. Now I can upgrade from 4 to 6 (but depends on the price).

I still can't get rid of my japanese hardware like yamaha roland or korg for their amazing sound but adding a bit of soft flavor is not bad and Reason is the best sounding softie to date.

12-Jul-11 11:18 AM

bobby    Said...

where is 64 bit rewire support and the ability to use external midi instruments? who cares about this update which is basically same as record 1.5 with a few new effects

12-Jul-11 12:24 PM

robgs    Said...

I'll certainly be getting my upgrade. Still not the best but rock solid and sounds great

12-Jul-11 12:28 PM

I Don't Like Music    Said...

Another confusing Propellerhead upgrade. Maybe this time next year they can drop Reason 6, add all its features to Recycle, and dig in my wallet for another hundred bucks.

12-Jul-11 01:44 PM

Chad    Said...

This may sound trite of me, however, though I love the sound of Reason / Record as well as the flexibility, CPU footprint, and consolidation of the software. My main gripe is simply the GUI size.

If the GUI was scalable, zoomable, etc. I'd be more apt to use it. I also find the hardware mapping tedious and outdated. I feel like most have moved far a rack-minded knowledge base.

Looks like a great update though. I wish they would have come out with a more professional controller/adda. It would have been amazing to see something on the scale of say "Maschine" that would instantly map to their devices with perhaps a dedicated section which mimicked a combinator. Stage to Studio, Studio to Stage (With at least 4 io's).

12-Jul-11 01:47 PM

exe fanboy    Said...

All these new toys and still noooo new reverb.I honestly can say that ive just about given up the ghost on propellerheads,once and for all.Sad really i used to be one of their biggest supporters.I would sell all my propps products but there hardly worth anything on the second hand market these days.that must tell you some thing

12-Jul-11 03:24 PM

DBM    Said...

Too Much added in my opinion .

Reason was like a virtual Motif or Triton to me ( but better as it had more than romplers ) so it was cool and had an attractive enough Price tag to match , but now just like everything else it has to be everything ( negative Midi and plugins ) and that pads the price too much for me . Dongle is also a negative for me as well . How many waisted usb ports must there be ?

Too the " where is the 64 bit rewire guy " It is there , but why ? If they want it to be a DAW so much what is the point just add midi and be done with it no ?

One place I will give them props ( no pun intended ) is there thinking on the hardware's I/O kudos there . Even if it only records 2CH in at least it has enough ports for more typical use than the two Combo input senario everyone else seams to be fixated on .

12-Jul-11 03:28 PM

selercs    Said...

I disagree. Reason never sounded better than Motif or Triton. Reason however, is the best sounding softsynth/studio to date and ofcourse it gives you more flexibility.

BUT as far as the quality of the filters, etc go, I find Korg/Yamaha/Roland will kick Reason in the rear again and again in my sleep.

12-Jul-11 04:43 PM

RSNsuxTillVST    Said...

Reason will always be bootlegged / boycotted until they include vst/vsti. Then and only then, will/should the masses pay for it.

12-Jul-11 11:49 PM

Aiki @    Said...

@bobby reason 6 is 64 bit and includes 64bit rewire support.

13-Jul-11 03:56 AM

rez_azel    Said...

To RSNsuxTillVST: I could understand someone not buying a software he doesn't like, but why use a bootleg copy of a software you don't like ? - sounds like a complete waste of time (apart from being totally illegal :-)

13-Jul-11 07:00 AM

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