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iPad Programmable Pedalboard Ships
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Rufus    Said...

I assume that's actually Yen they are quoting as the MSRP. Nice idea, terrible intro price. MSRP of $299 with retail price of $249 and maybe this could have been great. Although, anyone having Brewster's Millions syndrome may bite

12-Jul-11 07:31 AM

MrLongwind    Said...

Not to mention it kinda makes the whole idea of getting into the iPad and dumping an already vast choice of expensive and not so expensive hardware for the sake of what? Using an expensive tablet computer inserted into a dock on the floor? IDK. I'd love to get something just a controller to control effect apps. Eventually we will see lots probably but even you got one the choice of apps that will support it are next to zero.

12-Jul-11 10:22 AM


I'd just get a dedicated Pedal and use the ipad for emails and web surfing.... :)

15-Jul-11 02:33 PM

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