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GForce Software impOSCar 2 Is Here - And Hardware Controller
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Marc JX8P    Said...

Wooooooooooow! :-D

04-Jul-11 02:08 PM

Brazda    Said...


04-Jul-11 02:20 PM

Synthoverlord    Said...

Sounds fantastic. Long live the lads from GForce...

04-Jul-11 04:02 PM

DBM    Said...

Sounds absolutely gorgeous and massive the way we think of gods as big .

One Small nit pick .... The GUI looks kinda reaktor 4 generic compared to the original impOSCar ... why ?

04-Jul-11 06:31 PM

asiohead    Said...

waw ! jaw-droppingly beautiful sounds. Congrats GForce !!! It seems to have that instant goose bumps technology right ? ;)

05-Jul-11 12:19 AM

Jack pan    Said...

Great... finally get a decent software synth controller and its the price of a MOOG LP or a NORDLEAD!

05-Jul-11 12:38 AM

rezazel    Said...

FINALLY! I've been using impOSCar for years and it's my favourite softsynth next to KorgLegacy Collection.

05-Jul-11 03:01 AM

Blake    Said...

I bought it and can't get it to work. The registration license doesn't work and there's no manual to speak of.

I still waiting on GForce tech support to respond. The synth is currently STUCK in demo mode.

05-Jul-11 06:47 AM

Tim    Said...

Aghhhh! No Windows VST support? Why do you tease me so, Dave?

05-Jul-11 08:02 AM

Dave Spiers    Said...

@ Blake the manual is installed to Documents and as a sonic reader, if you want to mail me directly for support, feel free:

dave AT

05-Jul-11 08:40 AM

knolan    Said...

That is an awesome sounding synth, and the controller looks jaw-droppingly good. Real potentiometers in a real analgo-synth vein - stunning. Cant wait to get my hands on this.

05-Jul-11 01:18 PM

Blake    Said...

Thanks a lot Dave. E-mails have been sent.

05-Jul-11 04:20 PM

Blake    Said...

Dave helped me out and it's working now.


05-Jul-11 05:10 PM

xyzzy    Said...

Absolutely superb stuff. Congrats on reaching the destination in your epic journey!

Support developers, not warez. :-) click -> [BUY IT NOW!]

05-Jul-11 07:35 PM

Peter K.    Said...

Love it. I'll have to upgrade to v. 2.0; and I'd love to check out the controller too. I agree completely with his statement about generic controllers feeling cheap and well... generic. That's why I still gravitate towards all my hardware synths in spite of having an amazing collection of quality software - because the connection and the experience is different. This looks like it would remove that gap.

May this trent continue. Love the GForce stuff!!

Actually, what would be great is if someone could just go and put the software inside the controller... release it as a stand alone instrument.

18-Jul-11 03:36 PM

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