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Sonic LAB: Expert Sleepers - Modular Synth Control
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mattsynth    Said...

"Modular reviews" very cool but you should of started with a less complicated module then Expert Sleepers. I can not wait for more modular reviews. Thanks SS.

30-Jun-11 09:18 AM

loneraver    Said...

I've been waiting for the modular reviews for a long time. When this hit I got so excited. This was the best surprise on the site in a long time! Keep up the reviews! I really want to get in to modular synths so these type of reviews are great!

30-Jun-11 04:14 PM

Kodama    Said...

Yes! More modular reviews please! :-D

01-Jul-11 11:04 AM

Z    Said...

I agree with the other posters. More modular reviews. Filters, oscillators, weird stuff-- like what the heck does the Doepher A-107 Multitype Morphing Filter sound like? MORE!

01-Jul-11 08:51 PM

More, More and more...    Said...

Analogue modules…Digital modules….some many to choose from……

Please review, on post!


…thank you for this kind, informative (and necessary) service.

02-Jul-11 02:24 PM

dan    Said...

that polyphonic thing is quite a revelation! great product. polyphonic modular synthesis.. there goes my next 8 paychecks.

02-Jul-11 02:30 PM

N59    Said...

Another vote for more modular videos! I think it's great you decided to cover this and it has me a little more interested in software integration now.

04-Jul-11 12:41 AM

Japansynth    Said...

Fantastic. Currently using a yammie N12 and curious as to how this will integrate with expert sleepers now inspired to look further.

04-Jul-11 03:48 AM

Nick B    Said...

I dont know the spec, but if it has an SPDFI out then wait for the ES-4 you get 5 channels of CV through some extremely clever use of multiple 8-bit channels

04-Jul-11 04:54 AM

SHORN RAH    Said...

Nick, Wicked series idea!! Great first feature!! One thing I would say on the pricing of the are getting a 24bit D-A (x8) AUDIO converter at the same time as the CV business.. ok, no rack or PSU.. but assuming it sounds fab.. I think it's a creative way of looking at the expense!!

04-Jul-11 06:22 PM

Japansynth    Said...

RE:N12 No SPDIF and only summed outputs, no channel outs from mixer. Thinking of trying the channel insert effect sends as outputs to ES1. Sound credible?

06-Jul-11 08:31 PM

eXode    Said...

Hey Nick (and eveyone else)!

I purchased the ES-3 and I can actually control my modular from Propellerhead Reason and Record! It took some effort to get the tuning+scaling right but now I can sequence from within Reason and everything is tight with Reason's own instruments.

It's the same principle that Kurt Kurasaki aka Peff used a couple of years ago with a MOTU card:

It's so very cool! Through the ES-3 I can automate parameters on the modular from Reason, as long as it has a CV input. :)

Also if you do simpler stuff and have enough modules you could sequence i.e. both bass and lead from Reason and Record at the same time! Because the ES-3 has 8 outputs you could send CV/GATE on different outs so I succesfully managed to have the modular play both bass in one go.

If anyone is into both Eurorack modulars and Reason+Record I can highly recommend getting the ES-3!

31-Jul-11 03:23 AM

eXode    Said...

The sentence above should read:

"succesfully managed to have the modular play both bass and lead in one go."

31-Jul-11 03:24 AM

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