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World's First iPad-Programmable Pedalboard
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Gtrman    Said...

Where are companies going with this concept. You have to buy a $500.00 pedal and a $500.00 iPad to make this work. And for how long will it be compadable with the forever changing iPad? I use pedals that are over 20 year old and they still work today like the day I purchased them. This thing will be junk in 5 years if the company does not keep up with Apple software. This sounds like a bad choice to me.

22-Jun-11 07:20 AM

mudflaps    Said...

Just give me the RP1000 and some PC/Mac editor software thank you. I'll leave the laptop and/or iPad at home for the gig.

22-Jun-11 07:33 AM

metalman    Said...

it doesn't have to be upgraded everif you just leave it beand play it like a hradware unit, just use it with a dedicated ipad, why upgrade if it's working? get another ipad to knock around with and chase those endless apple "improvements" it could last 20 years or more... longer than a desktop. bit pricey though, but so flexible...and it's digitech, not some bugged out copy-cat spaghetti brand with a bad track record...

22-Jun-11 11:14 PM

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