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Sonic LAB: Yamaha MOX6 Review PT2
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mOXy    Said...

Nice and clear review. Well done, Nick!

21-Jun-11 03:13 PM

WaveFormTX    Said...

I'm sold! Had to sell my trust Fantom X6 that I've had for years and I no longer have the money to purchase a similar product. But this moX6 seems to fit my needs at an easy price. Thank Nick.

ps: BTW, your studio looks like my room, cables everywhere.

21-Jun-11 03:16 PM

Nick B    Said...

yes I must say I am impressed with this - I had fallen into the easy notion that all this Motifery was sad and tired but its not the case.

yes, must tidy room - with so much stuff coming through the setup gets moved about a lot and it builds up.

21-Jun-11 04:39 PM

Woo    Said...

I'm at once impressed by the deepness and power of the synth, as well as daunted by the complexity.

More generally, while it's great that all modern synths can have their sounds tweaked in software, what happens 10 years from now when no one is using the same OS and the app used to control the (now many-years-discontinued) synths won't work with the new OSes? I am very concerned that we are seeing a whole generation of synths that will be close to useless 20 years from now.

22-Jun-11 09:34 AM

wcm    Said...

Could you please do a video on how to set up the MOX. Starting with what drivers to download, how to properly change the setting on the keyboard and in the software(Cubase.) Also show how to set up for Remote Control/ Transport Control in other DAW's.

01-Jul-11 11:18 PM

wcm    Said...

Great Job, on the video and the MOX sounds GREAT!

01-Jul-11 11:19 PM

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