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No More Kore
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Marc JX8P    Said...

Very sorry to hear this, as Kore was a really flexible system with a great controller. However, the absence of significant upgrades over the past years did have me expecting this for a while. Machine doesn't quite fit my workflow, but who knows - maybe some of the Kore stuff will flow into Machine.

18-Jun-11 04:05 PM

SynthOverlord    Said...

Having spent quite a bit of money on Kore soundpacks,etc, I am hoping that these will be transferrable to whatever it is NI makes me part more money with to replace it.

18-Jun-11 05:07 PM

clay    Said...

It really is a shame. Version 2 really made it work for me. It´s a great sounddesign tool and works quite well as a central hub for a setup with lots of different vsti´s.

19-Jun-11 03:23 AM

~C    Said...

Sad turn for NI and honestly done in a shameful and poorly executed manner. I fear many may be slower to trust NI's support of current and future endeavors. My hope is that NI will find some manner to allow .kid products into kontakt or perhaps reconsider this decision...the backlash has been both understandable and a proper response toward tis level of corporate betrayal toward loyal users.

19-Jun-11 05:02 AM

DBM    Said...

Yeah it's things like this that have made me go back to more hardware .

19-Jun-11 12:03 PM

NI_sux_my_|>alls    Said...

Glad I never bought into it. I nearly did but I thought, "Hold on it's NI, they'll get bored of this sooner or later and ditch it."

19-Jun-11 06:42 PM

Adam Bailey    Said...

I wanted one, but now I'm actually glad to see it go. I don't like the whole "browser" system. I usually can't find the sound I'm looking for, or it's been tagged inaccurately.

Remember how FM7 was easy to use, (and wasn't blindingly white)? Remember how fun Pro53 was? Remember when Absynth was easier to navigate? Find it troubling that Massive doesn't give numerical parameter info.

NI has gone back to being a private company and no longer needs to satisfy shareholders. Hopefully they can slim down and focus on streamlining their GUI's. It's a bit messy now. These products could be less "advanced", and more fun.

19-Jun-11 09:20 PM

MPS    Said...

All of these software/hardware hybrids will go this same way. All of the button boxes for Live, Spark, Ultranova, all of them. There always comes a day where the OS will have moved on and it will be too costly to support. Then you have a little box that is only useful if you are still running the obsolete OS.

20-Jun-11 07:27 AM

Dayanara    Said...

That's ralely thinking out of the box. Thanks!

27-Jun-11 04:21 PM

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