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Is This The World's Most Powerful Keyboard Production Station?
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Dripfeed    Said...

The Synclavier for the 21st Century?

Get one in for testing, Nick!

07-Jun-11 07:12 AM

distaudio    Said...

All that power and it only comes with an Audio Interface that supports 96KHz? What a waste.

07-Jun-11 07:57 AM

Frank    Said...

nah...I still want my Korg Kronos instead. This just smells like another Open Labs rehash. In a couple of years the company folds and what you do with a white elephant with no support. Thanks, but no thanks.

07-Jun-11 10:04 AM

;)    Said...

Worked out real well for Open Labs ...oh wate . What ? to soon ?

07-Jun-11 02:13 PM

Rob    Said...

Damn, I just need a workstation that can hold 2 milions presets/2 thousand tracks and I'm all set for producing. This is the pinacle of how far we steird away on what we really need to make music.

07-Jun-11 05:15 PM

six    Said...

Open Labs rehash with the same ridiculous price tag. Now I understand that its running server tech but seriously at close to 4 grand its not worth it. I suggest go buy a mac mini server, max out the ram and hardrive, get a small lcd screen stick it in a satchel, throw a mini controller in front of it, your good to go for 70% of what you need at 1/3 the price.

07-Jun-11 11:05 PM

Koshdukai    Said...

nah... get rid of the buttons and faders, keep the knobs and maybe 16 vel/aft pads and slap a big multi-touch surface on that empty space above the keyb and then I may be interested.

That tiny touch screen does nothing when you need to interact with stardard apps for a long period of time.

Touch needs big surfaces so we don't have to try and target that tiny little miniature pin sized button or label or wtv.

Faders and buttons can "easily" be done on a big touch surface (big as in as big as the actual faders and buttons would be, but on a screen)

Endless rotary Knobs can be kept as physical, IMHO, since those aren't as easily mimicked through touch as buttons and faders.

08-Jun-11 06:19 AM

Ed A.    Said...

"Run any plug-in", huh? I'd like to run Logic's Sculpture on it, but I don't think that's gonna happen.

I agree that this looks like an Open Labs rehash. If I was in the market for a hardware synth/workstation, I too would go for a Kronos.

08-Jun-11 03:20 PM

curious    Said...

so whats the deal ? has Victor Wong left/kicked out open labs or has his previus company gone under ?

08-Jun-11 04:24 PM


Rehash of Open Labs? Victor Wong of Music Computing left Open Labs (the competitor that HE CREATED MIKO AND NEKO FOR) to start his own company. So if the StudioBlade seems as if it is the off spring of the Miko and Neko then it makes perfect sense seeing that they all have the same creator.

While talent is key, equipment is very important. Timbaland did not produce Justin Timberlake and Nelly Furtado's music on a $100 Walmart Casio Keyboard. He used Victor Wongs products. Eminems producer Denaun (Kon Artist) Porter uses Victo Wongs products and guess what, ME GENERATION 2 STUDIO BLADE IS ON IT'S WAY! I am excited!

I'll let you nay sayers clean the dust off my hit record plaques and trophies in the near future if you'd like!

09-Jun-11 03:41 PM

Sammy    Said...

Yeah -- really -- 12 XEON processors?! Okay. Sure thing. Why don't I just go to NewEgg and buy all of innards for a fraction of the price, and outfit my (much more appropriate) i7 with a couple of SSDs? I'll get maybe a few HUNDRED sequencer tracks, and the ability to maybe ONLY run a few hundred plug ins at once.

Sheesh! How many more tracks do we NEED? Jan Hammer used to create an entire season of Miani Vice with what -- 16 tracks? Kids these days have no idea how to make good music anymore...

12-Jun-11 08:19 AM

PF    Said...

He was kicked out of Open Labs. They are still in business.

28-Aug-11 01:09 PM

K1    Said...

But it's UGLY!!!

Vic Wong is the shit I must say. The over all power of Music Computing products punches Open Labs in the face. But the look and style of OL bitch slaps every Blade product out. Being beat up is one thing but getting bitch slapped is totally embarrassing!

The base models are less than any other production center but only have half the power and once you've upgraded you've lost your arm and leg...

20-Feb-12 02:08 PM

Herbert-Herbert    Said...

im reading Franks comment on WHITE ELEPHANT WITH NO SUPPORT AFTER COMPANY FOLDS....funny, this company is 10 years old and this keyboard is NOT its main product. this company makes some seriously cool stuff that will keep it running for many years. I know a guy who uses this technology every day and it is NO DIFFERENT from owning a desktop and a controller etc....but in one portable GIG READY RELIABLE UNIT. he has just as much issue with it as he does his desktop unit and actually less problems because Music COmputing installs and Customizes each DAW when ordered. It is a fantastic machine and Frank...I Own a Kronos and love it....but it is NOT in ANY WAY the same thing. MY nephew works for Music Computing for 12 years....makes good money and is always telling me about new stuff in the pipeline. they have CHinese investment and you will not see this company fold ANYTIME SOON.

16-Dec-12 08:39 PM

Herbert-Herbert    Said...

lots of bitching about the cost....Look Folks....a strong Computer will run you a few grand...AUdio interface, Keyboard Controller, Touch Screen....Ram...GO ADD THAT STUFF UP and then factor in the fact that the Blades are put together in a manner that assures Compatibility. personally i think its worth every penny. and their customer support is PERSONAL....not like Korg, OR APPLE for that matter. when was the last time you called either and talked to a human being? SO SHUT THE HELL UP

16-Dec-12 08:43 PM

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