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Un-boxing: Yamaha MOX6
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timmybuk2    Said...

had a school that owned a mo6 and the interface was incredibly difficult to use. Is this one any better?

31-May-11 03:38 PM    Said...

can you go into a little detail on the synthesis on the machine, specifically its ability for modulation, & to generate "dirty" distorted sounds?

what kind of effects structure does it have? what are its minimum & maximum effects in multitimbral use?

can it sample? & if so what are the sampling spec's?

31-May-11 04:09 PM

MOXy    Said...

Can you show us a bit what the filters can do, please? Maybe some dynamic use with velocity/modulation on synth bass, sweeps, leads and sequenced sounds?

31-May-11 04:40 PM

DarkVince    Said...

2 things I'd like to check/see: Is it possible to "import" external samples in addition to the on board memory? (like wave sounds from a PC or a USB stick) Second, can you please show an example of complex/rich sound made with very different samples on the 8 "elements" (I understood a sound is made of 8 "elements": 7 + 1 for the note off). Thanks!

31-May-11 04:54 PM


Hello, in the past I have been very impressed with the drum kits on the Motif ES series, how does the MOX compare?

01-Jun-11 02:50 AM

NIck B    Said...

@DarkVince - no samples I'm afraid. on board ROM as source only. I

01-Jun-11 02:53 AM

Ben    Said...

I would prefer you to go on the synth engine (i.e. not the workstation part). How is it souding with a basic "2 detuned saws inside LPF" patch? What are the modulation possibilities?

01-Jun-11 07:21 AM

WaveFormTX    Said...

Will the sequencer have pattern based recording? Please check out the vocoder to see if it's usable.

01-Jun-11 01:01 PM

selercs    Said...

sounds great - warm and crisp yamaha quality. wish they'd up the polyphony though. even though it lacks a sampler, the mic input to process vocals is yummy!

01-Jun-11 01:11 PM

Brian from USA    Said...

A look at the USB audio interface, pls. This is popping up in more and more synths yet tends to be quickly glossed over in reviews. Can it really replace a good outboard unit both in sound quality and latency?

01-Jun-11 01:20 PM

DarkVince    Said...

Thanks for the quick reply Nick! Ok no samples...What about expansion sound cards/memory? I read the XF6 has an option.

01-Jun-11 04:05 PM

bartal    Said...

How long is the start-up (boot) time in seconds? That is from power on to you can play sounds on the keyboard?

02-Jun-11 04:10 PM

Mcpepe    Said...

Can you use Ableton Live with it? It is not listed in the remote DAW control.

03-Jun-11 04:38 PM

Gustavo    Said...

How long does it take to change patches?

Sound recording/sequencer?

Structure of programs/patches things. Is it like the M50 where any program has also a drumtrack?

Can you run external audio through the MOX's effects?

Perhaps a good thing besides the review is a sampler (so to speak) of the differnt presets it comes with, or stuff you made yourself. So that gives a very good idea of how it sounds.

04-Jun-11 12:47 PM

pat    Said...

Nick, what kind of keyboard stand have you got it on?

12-Jun-11 03:32 AM

pat    Said...

Nick, what kind of a keyboard stand have you got the mox on?

12-Jun-11 03:34 AM

Greg    Said...

Just a general thanks Nick! Your reviews have really helped me make some good decisions regarding what gear to buy. Even something like the MOX is an enormous investment for me and all the info I can gather really helps me stretch my few dollars.


15-Feb-13 03:04 PM

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