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Sonic LAB: Korg Monotribe Review
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Marc JX8P    Said...

Cool review! Also some great patterns that you were playing. Maybe it's time for some Sonic Loops? :-)

26-May-11 12:11 PM

spider-dan    Said...

I saw a video of a guy using the monotribe to process external audio without triggering the keyboard. I think he had all the steps selected and the sequncer was playing but no sound was coming from the VCO. Is this a possibility?

26-May-11 12:16 PM

Mattsynth    Said...

Too toy like for my taste.

26-May-11 01:07 PM

Benedict Johnson    Said...

Knowing Korg, they'll release a version with the 37-note mini-keys. I'd rather just wait for that.

26-May-11 01:31 PM

James L    Said...

Great review as always.

This looks like it would be a blast to play around with. Not sure if it would stay fun very long, though, because of the limitations.

And I'll 2nd the Sonic Loops idea!

26-May-11 07:52 PM

Nick B    Said...

Thanks for the comments guys - I'm pretty sure the ext in will not sound without the synth voice, the circuit diagram seems to support that.

27-May-11 05:06 AM

Eric    Said...

What are we supposed to do with this microscopic keyboard? I don't understand... What is the point of releasing a synth we can't even play?! Was it too expensive to make this ribbon controller at least 200% larger? or include a MIDI IN to plug a keyboard as an alternative?

27-May-11 07:43 AM

Rob willson    Said...

I can't understand why they don't just stick nano keys on the thing. As someone above said korg will probably release one sooner or later. There has to be room in the market for korg against a mopho or little fatty especially with the mass with their mass appeal. Perhaps these are korgs tentative first steps.

27-May-11 02:22 PM

coconut    Said...

Promising features, but... C'mon Korg! Please bring in an analogue mono-synth with a real keyboard. Not a toy ;-)

28-May-11 03:27 AM

s r dhain    Said...

i think this is a fairly versatile and useful bit of kit considering the price. Bear in mind that youve got a "proper" analog synth with a useable drum machine in there and an 8 step sequencer. there ARE limitations ( synth voice input scenario, for example), but its still very useable for the price.

28-May-11 04:36 AM

Dan    Said...

Monotron with rubbish drum sounds and limited sequencer. Just make a proper analogue synth for gods sake! Something worth paying for!

28-May-11 05:12 AM

hypertrance    Said...

Great review!

Lovely monophonic sound architecture, with analogue drum synthesis...

Missing Features: MIDI + proper keyboard + proper knobs/sliders!!!

30-May-11 02:29 AM

AnnaLogan    Said...

More hyped up crap from the one of the Japanese big 'three' synth manufacturers. What happened to these once great synth companies? I wouldn't spend my enemies money on this garbage. At least Akai is trying to stay 'semi-professional' (and barely so) while the other Japanese companies have lowered themselves to making overglorified ROMplers that outdate in a year and now, junk toys like this thing. Thank God we still have the likes of Dave Smith and Roger Linn out there, trying to release quality gear (albeit at quality gear prices), but you get what you pay for and I want musical instruments, not modern equivalents of an Atari or Speak and Spell.

27-Jul-11 09:25 PM

AnnaLogan    Said...

PS-ever notice how steep the learning curve has become on most of these little novelty gizmos synth-a thing a ma jigs? You pay 250 bucks for something without even a Midi interface and at the end of the day, it makes whoops, beeps and farts that you can whip up in ten seconds with any old 5 dollar Iphone app at a fraction of the time than it takes you to figure out the dumb manual and user interface on these little things. Sadly, again, you get what you pay for when the ease of use factor seems to be nonexistant on most of this hardware garbage, anymore.

27-Jul-11 09:29 PM

TeslaY    Said...

Wow, there is a lot of monotribe hate going on here... ( how many of you haters have in the past or currently own one? ) As with all electribe products the monotribe has sacrificed "feature overload" (hello Roland!) for useability.. I recently bought a monotribe and am very happy with it. I recently used it for the baseline on a dubby techno track and through a decent recording chain it held it's own with a jomox 999, machinedrum, and jupiter6... The monotribe is basic but what it does is pretty sweet... And it's cheaper then a lot lot of crap vst software!

27-Oct-11 01:30 PM

Sm    Said...

Anyone else a little confused as to why they have a pentagram printed on the circuit board?

31-Oct-11 04:39 AM

ATH315T    Said...

The sounds these things can produce are endless. Combined with some effects, you can make any kind of synth- keyboard- guitar- theremin- bass sound you can imagine. I've been messing around with the monotribe, kaoss pad quad, and a multitrack recorder for about a year now. It's always fun and direct.

Check out some of the things I've come up with on the monotribe.

22-Jul-12 09:30 AM

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