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Interview: Producer Flood
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Simon Power    Said...

What a legend the man is. Wonderful!

19-May-11 11:41 AM

songwritersynergy    Said...

great to hear how Floods approach to plug-ins are. very interesting. thanks for getting this interview nick

19-May-11 12:25 PM

MPS    Said...

Great interview Nick. It seems to me that Flood has been successful not just because he has talent, but because he is just a really nice guy. If you are going to be locked up in a studio for weeks or even months, everyone had better be pleasant to work with or it could be a disaster. He just seems like a really nice person.

19-May-11 12:25 PM

tesla    Said...

Best interview up here for a while. About half way in things got really interesting.

Nice Work!

19-May-11 12:27 PM

Nick B    Said...

Glad you enjoyed it and yes, he is indeed a throughly nice bloke. You can understand how he gets the most out of the bands he works with.

19-May-11 03:36 PM

Juicy Audio Productions.    Said...

I was right at the front for the talk and he's such a nice bloke..great sense of humour and a gentle giant. He's given so much of himself for his passion/craft , which is why he is where he is.

20-May-11 07:35 PM

flux302    Said...

great interview thanks!

04-Jun-11 01:16 PM

skywalk    Said...

thanks :]

15-Jun-11 04:37 AM

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