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Sonic LAB: Native Instruments RaZor Synth
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Marc JX8P    Said...

Great interview, as usual, and I'm really impressed with this little synth - the GUI design is really clear and informative and I love how the display visualizes the harmonics!

18-May-11 12:46 PM

Benedict Johnson    Said...

Awesome! and didn't use the word 'dubstep' once

18-May-11 01:42 PM

Aiki    Said...

Great synth well worth them money, a now brainer for a reaktor user like myself.

Notice you didn't cover the excellent vocoder.

19-May-11 10:38 AM

setvice    Said...

Your room needs some serious acoustic treatment! Great review of what looks like an astonishingly good synth.

19-May-11 09:10 PM

Nick b    Said...

Techno Music News - just added a sound selection video to this which does cover the vocoder patches, and yes, they really are very good.

20-May-11 06:16 AM

Juicy Audio Productions.    Said...

powerful, tasty & very useable ..some of the presets are sheer "thor" in presence.

22-May-11 01:20 PM

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