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Un-boxing: Korg Monotribe
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Robbie Ryan (I Love Analogue Blog)    Said...

Nick, nice new titles and music! My concern about this device is the sync. Since there's no MIDI sync, could you demonstrate how you can sync it to a drum machine, sequencer, or daw by using a kick drum or some other sort of pattern? Thank you.

16-May-11 09:30 AM

robgs    Said...

Hi Nick, same question as Robbie, interested to know if I could use it with either my Dr-110 or SH-101? Ta!

16-May-11 09:36 AM

David    Said...

Nick, I'm interested on what changes can be made to the sequencer and drum pattern on the fly; can you change length, drop drum sounds in and out and is there a transpose option? Thank you.

16-May-11 10:04 AM

Professor balls    Said...

Ha sit got a glide function? That would be a deal maker for me. A cheapo 303!

16-May-11 10:44 AM

raphus    Said...

I'd be curious to know if the four tracks can be of different lengths in one sequence. Thanks for soliciting questions!

16-May-11 11:10 AM

WaveFormTX    Said...

Shame there is no included PS. I'm interested in how well it sits in a mix.

16-May-11 01:35 PM

WaveFormTX    Said...

Are the drum sounds static? Or can you tweak them with the same synth controls?

16-May-11 03:55 PM

Billy Ray Valentine Capricorn    Said...

I echo the request for more information regarding the Sync capabilities of the Monotribe. How well does it sync to Audio signals of various kinds?

It's great that you folks actually got a production model from KORG. So, are we to assume that it will be available sooner rather than later? Can't seem to find any definitive word from KORG regarding when the Monotribe will be available for purchase ("late Summer" has been mentioned, I believe. Maybe you can confirm?). Many are wondering what the box will actually sell for in the USA, too.


16-May-11 11:49 PM

exper    Said...

Ditto on syncing senarios. If you happen to have access to a Machinedrum, I'd like to see how a GND-IMP machine would work with it. Also, is the noise knob a mix knob, ie, does it cut out the oscillators totally when turned full to the right?

IF they let you open it up, a nice shot of the circuits would be great, especially if there are points already marked for modding.

17-May-11 06:45 AM

Pandora    Said...

- Is it possible to adjust EG time? - How does Gate Time effect recorded notes? - Does the sequencer play a step each time it receives a pulse? (like the trigger input on old synths)

17-May-11 10:21 AM

Muggo    Said...

just a couple of things,

Is the main output as noisy as the monotron?

Can you use the headphone out with the input for a feedback effect? (more of a request than a question)

17-May-11 01:28 PM

RP2012    Said...

Avail. and USD price ?

17-May-11 06:21 PM

Kafka    Said...

Hi Nick, a comment in your upcoming review about the sound quality of the audio out via the 1/4 inch jack would be useful-how noisy/quiet etc. Thanks.

17-May-11 06:25 PM

DBM    Said...

When testing for noise you might check it ; batteries vs. a psu too ( if you have one around to that matches that is )

Also if allowed you might even open it up for us too see if it's as easily mod-able as the Monotron ;)

17-May-11 07:10 PM

Hobo    Said...

Why does KORG not include an AC power supply, and instead gives the customer 6 AA batteries?

Interestingly, the KORG Monotron was only powered via three AAA batteries, with no AC power even possible (without modification?).

So, I'd be very curious to know if there are any hum issues with the Monotribe AC power supply. Incidentally, which KORG power supply is compatible with the Monotribe? Can you state the power supply model number that KORG recommends in the Owners Manual?

18-May-11 12:37 AM

umech998    Said...

The Monotribe holds one pattern in memory of some kind? From an old school "analogue" perspective, that's cheating isn't it? No memory capability results in the "it's different every time" idea of yesteryear. Not sure what good a ONE pattern memory is going to be for people. We'll see.

18-May-11 11:24 AM

Jae el Eph    Said...

Is it possible to explore the modding possibilities on the Monotribe eg. MIDI I/O; individual outs for kick, snare, hat and synth? Maybe even tuning and decay control for said drum parts? It seems like Korg is challenging us to mod the hell out of this little thing. By the way, your reviews are always great.

19-May-11 02:23 PM

Brown Bug    Said...

I don't understand why the AC power option on the Monotribe is such a closely guarded secret. I've read through the Manual posted on the KORG website and they don't even mention a model number for the AC adapter. That's a little weird to me. Personally, I wouldn't want to run the Monotribe on 6 AA batteries for very long. AC power is definitely the way to go...unless there is some reason that batteries are the recommended way to power the Monotribe.

On that note, the silver screw on the back is a GROUNDING screw. Why would one need to "attach a grounding wire", as KORG states in the manual. Please help to enlighten us on this if you can. Many Thanks.

21-May-11 01:45 PM

Ian    Said...

The PSU is the KA350, this is the same one as used on microsampler, microkorgXL, microstation, BIG secret!!!

23-May-11 10:22 AM

Hopeful in Michigan    Said...

What does she look like on the inside? I'm wondering how mod-able the new girl is.

How wide a range of sounds can she make?

How does it sound mixed with other instruments?

24-May-11 05:20 PM

Spider-Dab    Said...

When processing external sounds through the audio input the manual says that it is mixed with the VCO before going to VCF. Does this mean it you have to play the ribbon to process these sounds? Thanks!

24-May-11 08:36 PM

outtahere    Said...

Which power supply is used for the Monotribe ? The owner's manual doesn't say anything about it.

13-Jul-11 08:49 PM

SPIKE the Percussionist    Said...


Answer: KORG KA350 KA-350

fracken hell... that was NOT an easy question to find an answer too.

if you just put that part number in on Ebay it will pop right up.

I was given the number by a dealer who ran out of PSUs.

Hope this helps peeps out searching...

04-Oct-11 08:11 PM

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