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Amped Review: TC TonePrint Pedals
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Eric    Said...

One drawback that should be mentioned in my opinion is the battery issue. On the "Hall of Fame" pedal, that I own, the battery dies after only 30 minutes. I suppose it must be the same for the other pedals... It's just not manageable in a session, and would be a disaster live. I won't be using it with batteries anymore (tired of replacing, re-charging them over and over). Other than that it's a fantastic reverb pedal, with an extremely deep and detailed sound. I like it a lot.

14-May-11 06:02 AM

Rich Beech    Said...

Yeah I totally agree with that comment, the Flashback does the same thing. I try not to rely on batteries too much anyway, but I did notice when I was first testing these that the Flashback died VERY suddenly, which is odd. I'd say more like 20 mins haha!

18-May-11 05:36 AM

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