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Interview: Daniel Miller - Head Of Mute Records
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Great interview! More of these paaaleaaase!

05-May-11 04:23 AM

Juicy Audio Productions    Said...

A living legend and not lauded enough imho.

05-May-11 10:53 AM

AkA    Said...

this is is very good interview, it gives an interesting insight into Mute : indeed it makes sense to "repatriate" DM, Goldfrapp & others after their contract termination with EMI, otherwise, Mute would be fragile without these heavy weights. It is also touching to see Daniel Miller humbleness vs. Ktaftwerk & Can. Last, I love the Short Circuit Ideas, I won't be able to go, but would really love to, it is going to be full of interesting experiments and creativity. That is what will save the music business. The rest is only a change in the distribution system. Imagine if that happened to the Tesco's of this world...

08-May-11 09:32 AM

Nick B    Said...

Yep, really looking forward to going next weekend, hope to snag a couple more interviews if we can

08-May-11 10:38 AM

Aiki @    Said...

Good Interview, I'll be there stalking Nitzer Ebb and Taking photos of it all for my blog :)

09-May-11 09:26 AM

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