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Dolby's Toadlickers Up For Webbys
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vcf    Said...

well, that sucked now didn't it?

14-Apr-11 11:48 AM

Surround    Said...

Quirky I'd say, but did you check the Oceanea track out? T

14-Apr-11 12:13 PM

Mark    Said...

Being a fan of Thomas Dolby's music I'd love to vote for anything he does but I just hate this song (and the video too) too much. It is so sub-par compared to his previous track record of work.

I voted for the excellent The Wilderness Downtown work instead.

Sorry Mr D.

14-Apr-11 09:00 PM

Mark    Said...

Are we being punked or something? That was terrible!

15-Apr-11 11:16 PM

Ed A.    Said...

That really did suck, WTF was he thinking? He's a little late with the April Fools joke, isn't he?

16-Apr-11 02:32 PM

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