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MESSE11: Korg Monotribe Up Close
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AndyUK    Said...

Does the filter work on the drum sounds ? and what of the sync ports ?

06-Apr-11 07:53 AM

sensien    Said...

Did he say €280 ? Thats pushing it a bit I fear!

06-Apr-11 08:51 AM

Chuck Chillout    Said...

280 euros! I g'ya fiddy bucks for it!

Stupid little toy. For that money, I would expect some serious kit.

06-Apr-11 08:57 AM

sensien    Said...

Andertons now have this available to pre-order for £169. Thats a bit better.

06-Apr-11 09:03 AM

Bobik    Said...

280 euros is not the right price. Korg don't be so greedy

06-Apr-11 09:21 AM

eXode    Said...

I do feel that the lack of external control through MIDI and/or USB is a great omission. I couldn't have added that much to the cost with a MIDI In port.

I also sincerely hope that this, just like the Monotron will lead to something greater. A modern day MS-10 and MS-20 perhaps? At least in my dreams...

06-Apr-11 10:26 AM

I Don't Like Music    Said...

If the Monotribe sells as well as the Monotron I expect Korg will be encouraged to expand the range to include an MS-10/20 -type monosynth or module.

06-Apr-11 11:22 AM

Benedict Johnson    Said...

Yippee! Here it is in action

I don't think anyone would criticize the quality of the oscillator or the hands-on controls (not sure about those filter knobs not being next to each other) - but I don't understand the point of the one-bar phrase looper or the drum sequencer? Maybe it'd be useful if used alongside other koassilator/drum machine type stuff but then why bother with the internal speaker?

I doubt there's a single user who wouldn't rather it had MIDI in/out instead of the sequencing functions.

06-Apr-11 03:14 PM

Benoit    Said...

Woaw! Hey guys, look!It's got an EIGHT step sequencer! That's an aweful lot of steps! It's so much better than the usual seven!

06-Apr-11 04:05 PM

Christopher    Said...

Hi there, indeed, it was very early today wednesday and I had a misunderstanding bout the pricetag. List price is in fact 237€ here in Germany. Sorry for that! We got to see the brandnew prototype only the day before so there was also a bit of improvising. However I can tell it's lotta fun to play with =)

06-Apr-11 06:41 PM

DBM    Said...

Well it's bound to be hacked for more drum manipulation and midi in . When that happens and If it all falls under $400.00 us I might bite . Stable pitch or not though I want midi in at at least a bigger ribbon strip maybe ?

06-Apr-11 06:49 PM

Juicy Audio Productions    Said...

this is the kind of thing id love TWO of, in the studio..its instant, its fun, and its VERY VERY USABLE. who cares if it doesnt have midi, who cares if it doesnt have USB and WHO CARES if it isnt gonna be obviously was desgined to be picked up and played, not "ping ponged" over with a manual in one hand and your hair (or whats left of it) in the other.

Good on korg for bringing these beauties out...theyre ULTRA inspirational cause they CAJOLE YOU into press, grab and tweak. The price IS a bit steep if its over £200 , but im sure that's nothing a bit of hagglign wont fix.

07-Apr-11 04:55 AM

Aiki TechnoMusicNews    Said...

Have to say this little thing does look like a lot of fun. I can see myself jamming out loops and sampling directly into my maschine.

Demo didnt show any editing of the drum voices though. Is this possible or are you stuck with the default drum sounds?

07-Apr-11 07:20 AM

Christopher    Said...

I'm afraid the Drumvoices aren't tweakable.

07-Apr-11 01:30 PM

lazytrap    Said...

More details!

12-Apr-11 06:41 AM

Calum    Said...

Yeh, what everyone else said - looks like a nice improvement on the monotron, but €280 is stupid.

19-Apr-11 12:23 PM

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