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MESSE11: Quality Time With The Roland Jupiter 80
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where's the innovation    Said...

bzzz.. whzzz.. pssszzsh*t! Roland capitalizing on old names. Now go bugger Dave Spiers, what in Bob's name happened to Imposcar2?

06-Apr-11 04:34 AM

SteveFromBerlin    Said...

The new Jawnpiter 80.

Seriously Mr. Spiers. I'd love a the Imp 2... or an Imp 2 in a decent controller-dsp-package made by Mario from Synth-Project orrrr...

an iPad Version of the Monstaa or the Imp with minimized polyphony.

Any chance?

06-Apr-11 07:43 AM

Brian from USA    Said...

I was certainly impressed by that. Wasn't expecting a touchscreen, that makes the lack of knobs OK in my book. Howard wasn't interested in the acoustic emulations but the pianos sounded really nice and the layered synth sounds he came up with were killer. Not the synth for me but I hope the naysayers give it a chance.

06-Apr-11 08:28 AM

Chuck Chillout    Said...

Cool guy and cool synth. Good job, Nick. You must be a very busy bee these days. Your efforts are most appreciated.

06-Apr-11 09:16 AM

westerngrebe    Said...

Love Howard, supremely disappointed in this alleged "Jupiter." Jones brushed off most of the questions about this keyboard, and I'm with him: most of its features point to it being an all-around gigging machine (a Fantom LE?) than a true synthesizer. Another classic Roland line cheapified into irrelevance.

06-Apr-11 11:17 AM

Z    Said...

That was quite beautiful. I'll definitely give this synth a look at the local store. Great seeing Mr. Jones.

06-Apr-11 11:30 AM

DR55    Said...

Howard's body language sums it up......

"Sorry and no"

06-Apr-11 11:58 AM


$3500 for this? a real lash up of what the gaia could have been and at nearly 5 times the rrp. for that you can buy a pro 08, a tetra, and have enough money left over to buy a pc laptop, cheap mixer and daw. shocking that roland havent made anything decent since the v synth which first came out nearly 7 years ago. Shame on you roland for using old classic names to cash in with this kind of rubbish.

06-Apr-11 12:24 PM

Tesla    Said...

I have to say that it sounds better then I thought it would but i wonder if the kids on the dance floor could tell the difference between this and a m-audio venom???

I think I'll hold on to my JP6 for now ;)

06-Apr-11 12:49 PM


Yeah dam where is IMPOSCAR2!!!!!!!!!!! been waiting and waiting... and waiting........ please!

06-Apr-11 01:00 PM

Greg    Said...

I have watched all the new videos (Howard Jones being the best) and read the specs etc.

This keyboard does not live up to the Jupiter name at all. I want a synth, with as many knobs as possible and no pianos, horns, guitars etc.

As far as the aesthetics go I really like it. The Touch screen and button colors are great!

Now just get the main part right and i will buy one for about 25% less than what Roland wants now!

06-Apr-11 03:14 PM

Dnarol    Said...

OMG; the funniest video of all time, from Roland, trying to justify why the "jupiter" 80 is the worthy successor of the Jupiter-8 :

"The Jupiter-8 was made to emulate acoustic instruments, and its best feature is the multi-color coded buttons"

LMAO... ROTF ...

06-Apr-11 06:57 PM

Jupiter 8    Said...

Amazing to see all of the internet trolls bashing a synth that hasn't even been shown in a store window to try out.

07-Apr-11 01:27 AM

Coco Nut    Said...

This is the worst Roland Toy after Gaia.It is a Mix of a Gaia and 350 MB samples, sounds awfull and has nothing to do with the Jupiter-family.

07-Apr-11 10:44 AM

Marc JX8P    Said...

Brilliant synth, great demo. Some really fantastic sounds!

07-Apr-11 01:07 PM

Alex    Said...

Maybe not the best use of the Jupiter name, but it looks cool and sounds good to me, I'll be buying this regardless of what people say. Howard is still the man!.....

07-Apr-11 01:32 PM

Von    Said...

No innovation? Yes! Recycling the old with atrocious look, again yes.

But, what I hear on Howard’s video, does sing the praise for sound. J80 really sounds good!

Less compression or serious programming and new sounds? Can’t say, but Jupiter 80 does sound superb! Howard proves again, how comfortable and sincere gay he really is.

At least one thing I thank Roland; at least they use more interesting players then Korg. Thank heavens Jordan Rudess is not praising this Synth - then I would be really scared.

Thank you for this video, and good health to your Howard in making what you do best.

Kurzweil, how is your K3000 going? Kronos is getting snotty.

08-Apr-11 04:44 AM

kriss wadge    Said...

hi, i think the Jupiter 80 looks good, sounds good but think that Roland should have put more control knobs on like they did with the V-Synth GT.

20-Apr-11 03:07 AM

Joossens    Said...

So...give it some multicolored buttons and it's a Jupiter? Is that how it works? They can't be THAT stupid can they? This isn't going to fly. IF Roland comes to the conclusion they screwed up pawning off this digital keyboard as a Jupiter, to save face they could simply put out a true analog version WITH KNOBS and call it the Jupiter 80A. They could take it a step further and FIRE everyone who had anything to do with that abomination they are currently calling the Jupiter 80. At least banish them to the mailroom!

23-Apr-11 04:23 PM

Peter K.    Said...

It ain't analog, but it sure does sound good. Nice to see a 76 note synth too.

I'll be sure to check it out, but of course everyone would want them to make an analog synth.

Well, the Dave Smith stuff is pretty damn good in the meantime.

26-Apr-11 02:04 PM

charliebrownjr    Said...

Why is this new keyboard so colored ? it looks a gay toy. it's so bad.

08-Aug-11 10:00 PM

markus    Said...

EXCELLENT synth. I got this and I also have the Jupiter 8. yes its a bit fiddly trying to do things on the tiny touchscreen but its worth it in the long run. and if you don't like the tiny screen you will be able to use the ipad for better control with the usb dongle and a new operating system in april. no i do not work for roland and i am a bit annoyed i missed out on the free stand & pedals which they give now but i'm still impressed with this keyboard and its tough construction & amazing sounds. I have put my kronos away and this is my main keyboard now.

23-Mar-12 12:33 PM

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