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MESSE11: 30 Years On... A New Jupiter
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K Nolan, Dublin.    Said...

Wow! This is very, VERY exciting. Since seen the leaked images days ago, I've surprised myself and warmed to this hugely. Hearing on the various videos available has only excited me more. To me, this instrument is too strong to be critized by Jupiter 8 purists - Roland certainly can pick their moments and this is one. Can't wait to get my hands on one of these.

06-Apr-11 04:58 AM

sad    Said...

Why is this thing called a Jupiter? (...other than the color scheme, that is?) Doesn't it have more in common with the Fantom or the VR700 than a bona fide, synthesis-focused instrument like the Jupter 8?

06-Apr-11 11:11 AM

Ex Roland fan    Said...

Meh. Looks like a repackaged Fantom G to me.

I'm no "jupiter purist" but this only smells like riding on a name and has nothing to do with the Jupiter range other than the paint job.

A Jupiter should be analog, at least throw in some analog filters for this price.. Or at least give the user more than 4 knobs, the Korg Monotron has more hands on control than this synth.

And good luck with waiting for Roland OS updates for 3-4 years, because that is the pace Roland updates their products. IF YOU'RE LUCKY. Just ask anyone who bought a Roland synth in the last 10 years and they will tell you about the annoying bug that was never fixed. Ask Juno users, ask Fantom Users.. Ask around.

And they do not listen to their customers either, they do not have any support or feedback mechanism as a company at all. It is simply non-existing.

Verdict: Total Failure.

For the price you can get real analog synths PLUS a great VA.

06-Apr-11 02:30 PM

Mister    Said...

K Nolan from Roland?

OK, so it has a VA engine that looks exactly like the GAIA, but without all the knobs and sliders???


06-Apr-11 03:22 PM

Dnarol    Said...

OMG; the funniest video of all time, from Roland, trying to justify why the "jupiter" 80 is the worthy successor of the Jupiter-8 :

"The Jupiter-8 was made to emulate acoustic instruments, and its best feature is the multi-color coded buttons" LMAO... ROTF ...

06-Apr-11 06:56 PM

knolan    Said...

I actually dug out an old review of the Jupiter 8 and he's right - all the reviewer was looking for was how good the JP8 was at strings, brass, piano, organ and so on. I looked at reviews of the Oberheim OBXA and Prophet 5 and they're the same - looking for emulations of real instruments or sections.

While mono and modular synths were more about new sounds, the polyphonic synths were indeed developed to be instrumental accompaniment – it’s why they have less modulation or more standard modulation options. So actually, as strange as it seems to us today, that Roland engineer is telling the truth - that is indeed why the great polyphonic synths of the late 70's and early 80's were developed. He’s not bullshitting. In response to the sarcastic post above suggesting I work for Roland - I most certainly do not represent Roland. I'm a composer.


10-Apr-11 09:59 AM

sad    Said...

It's not a Jupiter. It's an RS, updating the old RS-505 et al. Call it RS-5000 and it wouldn't piss so many people off.

13-Apr-11 10:10 AM

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