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Sonic LAB: Extra - Zoom H1 Sound Comparison
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flux302    Said...

I own the h4n and love it. I was trying to decide between it and the h1 but went for the h4n due to added input and percieved quality. I must say given this comparisson the h4n has a brighter high end but the stereo field seems a bit wider. The h1 seems to have a nicer low end. Would u guys agree? I'm impressed. Might pick up an h1 as well now lol.

04-Apr-11 10:47 AM

Andy McCreeth    Said...

Hi Flux - yes, I totally agree; the H4n does indeed have a brighter top end, but the low end on the h1 seems more pronounced. The H4n seemes to suffer slightly less from positional variation too, but all in all I was very impressed with the H1. It's so easy to use and pocketable, it makes an ideal recorder to just pop in a bag or pocket and have with you at all times. Might need a case, though.

Andy Mac

04-Apr-11 12:56 PM

CR68    Said...

Damn, those 451's sound amazing on the electric guitar.

04-Apr-11 01:37 PM

Mattsynth    Said...

The H1 is a clear winner to me. More natural sound, stronger bottom end and for only $99.00. How can you go wrong. Cons are the buttons are small and hard to push at times. Everything is plastic today, so what.

05-Apr-11 12:19 PM

SynthOverlord    Said...

May pick an H1 up and paint the buttons different colours with enamel modeling paint to differenciate them in low light situations.

Thanks for the review. H4N clearly has a better top end even with my f'ed up 45 year old ears....

05-Apr-11 05:21 PM

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